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Bachelor party The Hague

Bachelor party The Hague? Once you see what you can do in the city, you will want to organize an unforgettable bachelor party in the heart of The Hague! Flitz events has years of experience in organizing bachelor parties, so you can be sure that you are going to do something special and that it will also be tightly organised.

The various activities will make you feel positive. This way we can discuss your wishes and organize the best bachelor party in The Hague especially for you.

  • Advice for a Successful Bachelor Party in The Hague
  • A diverse range of activities for every type of bachelor party
  • Experiences available from just €15 per participant
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best ideas for a bachelor party in The Hague for men?
    For a bachelor party for men, we offer cool and sporty activities. You can think of: Power kiting, bubble football, at high speed in a RIB powerboat.
  • What are the best ideas for a bachelor party in The Hague for women?
    Is your cousin, aunt, sister or best friend getting married soon? Then we would like to help organize this for you! Think of fun bachelor parties like shaking cocktails or dancing on one of our party boats or experience the spectacular game robinson Cruoe and of course we have many more unique and creative activities.
  • Do you also offer bachelor parties?
    We can offer attractive packages entirely to a tailor-made bachelor party according to your wishes and ideas. We are happy to think along with you to see how we can organize an unforgettable bachelor party for you in The Hague!

As a bachelor party in The Hague we can offer:

A bachelor party in the city of The Hague is of course super fun. Not only are the activities fun, but the entire city of The Hague is fun. The beautiful streets and the pleasant squares. If you have your bachelor party in The Hague organized by Flitz events, all you have to do is bring your good mood! At Flitz-Events you will find more than unique activities for bachelor parties; you will experience adventures that you will not find anywhere else!

Example program:

Times are subject to change at any time

Bachelor party The Hague

• 12.30 pm Reception of guests on location / beach tent
• 12.45 pm Reception with a delicious lunch (optional)
• 13.45 pm Explanation of the program, opportunity to change clothes
• 14.00:XNUMX PM Start Activity
• 16.00 pm Short break
• 16.45 pm Start second activity
• 17.45 pm The award ceremony and closing of the program
• 18.00 pm Following a drink hour
• 19.00 pm Start BBQ Deluxe
• 21.00 pm End of program

Bachelor party packages

Package 1: In front of 75 € PP you get 2 drinks + BBQ deluxe + 2 hours drink package + 2 activities *, in short, a fully organized day.

Package 2: In front of 65 € PP you will receive 3 drinks + BBQ deluxe + 2 activities (such as laser gaming in The Hague or Expedition Robinson) *, in short, a fully organized day.

Package 3: In front of 60 € PP you will receive 2 drinks + 2 hours drink package + BBQ deluxe + 1 activities *.

Package 4: In front of 50 € PP you get 1 drinks, BBQ deluxe + 1 activity *.

* Ask about the possibilities, certain activities such as a cocktail workshop, powerboat, pimp slippers etc. are not possible in combination with the above arrangements.

As you can see, we have many great options for... bachelor party The Hague just that little bit extra, making it a day you will never forget.

Unique activities for bachelor parties

Bachelor party The Hague men

The Hague offers the perfect setting for an unforgettable bachelor party for men. With activities that combine adrenaline and camaraderie, there is something for everyone.
Choose an exciting one

  • Cruise through The Hague; where the bachelor and his friends can enjoy the waters of The Hague and toast the future groom.
  • Escape Room The Hague; Escape reality with an Escape Room, where teamwork and sharp minds are essential to escape together.
  • City games; For a mix of action and strategy, the City Games offer an exciting urban exploration full of challenges and hilarity. With these top activities, your bachelor party is guaranteed to be a great success.
The sloops rally The Hague

drinks boat The Hague, picnic boat The Hague Bachelor party

Slightly different from a tour of The Hague is the sloop rally. Flitz events has various sloops for a great race against each other. The sloop rally is a very fun and relaxed puzzle tour. During this puzzle tour, various questions must be answered and photos must also be taken. The sloop rally in The Hague waters is extremely suitable in good and nice weather. This is really added value during your bachelor party in The Hague. Score the most points and win this super cool sloop rally. During this rally you can enjoy delicious hot snacks and cold drinks.

Challenging city games The Hague

Would you rather not have a canal cruise, but one of the challenging city games for the bachelor party in The Hague? Flitz events also organizes that especially for you. For example, choose 'Escape the city The Hague'. This outdoor escape room is a bit bigger than the traditional escape room, but is just as exciting. The point is that somewhere in the city of The Hague there are hostages that you have to free. Are you and your team smart and brave enough to get the assignment done? The winning elite unit, of course, wins a prize. This game can be played from 10 to 250 people.

But also the city game 'Who is the rat?' is a game that pushes you to the limit. Are you resistant to lies, sabotage, tension and sensation? With this game you have to carry out assignments under time pressure. Did your assignment succeed? Then you earn points for the pot. The only way to complete the assignments is by working together. But watch out! There is a true saboteur in the group who will do anything to make the assignment fail. Can you unmask the Rat?

iPad tour

Do you want to see more of the city of The Hague during the bachelor party? Do you want to visit the beautiful streets, the large and cozy squares? This is possible during a very challenging iPad tour The Hague. Flitz events has had a specially developed app made that allows you to experience amazing adventures in the city of The Hague. It is an interactive game that allows you to compete against other people in your party. You are supposed to make a beautiful route through the city of The Hague and also carry out assignments.

The nice thing about the app is that you can see your own group, but also see the other group moving. You can communicate with the competing team via the iPad, but you can also sabotage them to slow them down. That way you might just get that head start you need to win the tour.

A bachelor party for women

pimp penis

For a bachelor party for women in The Hague that is full of fun and laughter, there are plenty of activities that are especially suitable for the bride-to-be and her friends. Start with a creative and unusual activity such as a

  • Pimping penises workshop, where you can decorate your own ceramic 'friend' in a relaxed atmosphere. This workshop is guaranteed to provide some hilarity.
  • Cruise through The Hague, where you can toast the future with a beautiful view of the city from the water.
  • Cocktail Workshop where you will learn how to mix the tastiest drinks, complete with professional shakers and fresh ingredients. This makes the bachelor party a wonderful mix of art, culture and culinary pleasures.

Bachelor party in The Hague workshop

A workshop during a bachelor party in The Hague offers a unique opportunity to learn something new together with friends and have an unforgettable time. Whether you choose one more creative workshop where you learn, for example, to make jewelry or a culinary workshop where you discover the secrets of Italian cuisine, The Hague has something suitable for every group. And for those who like it a little spicier, there is the dance workshop, where you learn the basics of salsa or practice a sexy burlesque routine, for example. Workshops are the perfect activity to put the bride-to-be in the spotlight and at the same time enjoy the fun and creativity of the group.