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Bachelor party The Hague

When you have to organize a bachelor party, the question often arises where you want to organize that bachelor party. But as soon as you see what you can do in The Hague, you only want to organize your bachelor party in this city! Flitz events will help you with this and will take care of the organization of these great activities. Flitz events has years of experience in organizing bachelor parties in The Hague, so you can be sure that you are going to do something special and that it is also tightly organized. The various activities that Flitz events offers will make you positive. Please contact us by phone or e-mail as soon as possible. That way we can discuss your wishes and we can organize the best bachelor party especially for you.

What activities can we offer in The Hague

A bachelor party in the city of The Hague is of course super fun. Not only the activities are fun, but the whole city of The Hague is fun. The beautiful streets and the cozy squares. When you have the bachelor party organized by Flitz events, all you have to do is bring your good mood! Flitz events offers you the following activities in the city of The Hague:

Example program bachelor party in The Hague

The times can be changed in consultation

Bachelor Party Men At Scheveningen

• 12.30 pm Reception of guests on location / beach tent
• 12.45 pm Reception with a delicious lunch (optional)
• 13.45 pm Explanation of the program, opportunity to change
• 14.00 pm Start powerkiting of Robinson Crusoe
• 16.00 pm End of Powerkiting or Robinson Crusoe
• 16.00 pm Short break
• 16.45 pm Start Bubble Soccer of Archery tag
• 17.45:XNUMX pm End Bubble Football or archery tag
• 17.45 pm The award ceremony and closing of the program
• 18.00 pm Follow-up drinks hour
• 19.00 pm Start BBQ Deluxe
• 21.00 pm End of program

Package 1: In front of 75 € PP you get 2 drinks + BBQ deluxe + 2 hours drink package + 2 activities *, in short, a fully organized day.

Package 2: In front of 65 € PP you get 3 drinks + BBQ deluxe + 2 activities *, in short, a fully organized day.

Package 2: In front of 60 € PP you will receive 2 drinks + 2 hours drink package + BBQ deluxe + 1 activities *.

Package 2: In front of 50 € PP you get 3 drinks, BBQ deluxe + 1 activity *.

* Ask about the possibilities, certain activities such as a cocktail workshop, powerboat, pimp slippers etc. are not possible in combination with the above arrangements.

As you can see, we have many nice options to give a bachelor party The Hague that little bit extra, making it a day to remember.

What does a cruise through the canals of The Hague look like?

During a bachelor party in The Hague, a cruise sounds fun, but what does a cruise through the canals of The Hague look like at a bachelor party? Forget everything you know about a cruise. This will be an experience that will make all other cruises pale. For example, the boats of Flitz events are equipped with a music installation, a toilet, a tap, bluetooth to play your own music and there are cool boxes in the boat to keep the necessary refreshments nice and cool. This way you can be sure that your golden yellow smoker, wine or soda has the right temperature. The boat has room for at least 20 people and we sail with this old lifeboat along the most beautiful places in The Hague. Ideal for bachelor party in The Hague. The experienced guides know everything about this royal city and will tell you the secrets that this city keeps. The tour also ends with a snack and a drink. The cruise lasts an average of 2 hours.

Top 3 activities bachelor party The Hague:

The sloops rally The Hague

The sloops rally is just a bit different from a canal cruise in The Hague. Flitz events has various sloops for a nice race against each other. The sloops rally is a very fun and relaxed puzzle tour. During this puzzle tour, various questions must be answered and photos must also be taken. The sloops rally in The Hague waters is ideal for good and good weather. This is really an added value during your bachelor party in The Hague. Score the most points and win this super cool sloops rally. During this rally you can enjoy delicious hot snacks and cold drinks.

Challenging city games The Hague

Would you prefer not a cruise but one of the challenging city games in The Hague? That also organizes Flitz events especially for you. For example, choose 'Escape the city The Hague'. This outdoor escape room is a notch larger than the traditional escape room, but is just as exciting. It's all about hostages somewhere in the city of The Hague that you have to free. Are you smart and brave enough with your team to get the job done? The winning elite unit naturally wins a prize. This game can be played from 10 to 250 people. But also the city game 'Who is the rat?' is a game that pushes you to the limit. Are you resistant to lies, sabotage, tension and sensation? With this game you have to carry out assignments under time pressure. Is your assignment successful? Then you earn points for the pot. The only way to do the assignments is to work together. But watch out! There is a true saboteur in the group who will do everything to make the assignment fail. Can you expose the Rat?

IPad tour The Hague

Do you want to see more of the city of The Hague during the bachelor party? Do you want to visit the beautiful streets, the large and cozy squares? This is possible during a very challenging iPad tour The Hague. Flitz events has had a specially developed app made with which you can experience amazing adventures in the city of The Hague. It is an interactive game that allows you to compete against other people in your group. It is the intention that you make a nice route through the city of The Hague and also carry out assignments. The nice thing about the app is that you can see your own group, but also see the other group moving. You can communicate with the competing team via the IPad, but you can also sabotage them to slow them down. That way you might get just the edge you need to write the tour in your name.

Most common activities in The Hague Center

Top 3 activities bachelor party The Hague:

Professional supervisors

Of course, one or more professional supervisors are present at every activity. The Flitz event supervisors take care of the group when the activity starts and explain the activity clearly and well. During the activities, the professional supervisors always keep an eye on things, so that every activity is also very safe. When assignments have to be carried out during an activity, the supervisors are also the referees who determine who has performed the assignments best and who is the winner. The Flitz event supervisors themselves say that they are not susceptible to bribery and that they will always judge strictly but fairly.

Feel free to contact us

Are you enthusiastic about our activities for the bachelor party that you want to organize in The Hague? Do not hesitate any longer and contact Flitz events without obligation. We ensure that we organize your bachelor party tight and that it is taken care of down to the last detail. There is no doubt that with our years of experience in organizing bachelor parties in The Hague, we will ensure a bachelor party that you will not soon forget. Call or email us directly!

What are the best bachelorette party ideas in The Hague for men?
For a bachelor party for men, we offer cool and sporty activities. With this you can think of: powerkiting, bubble football, at high speed in one RIB powerboat.

What are the best ideas for bachelorette party in The Hague women?
Will your niece, aunt, sister or best friend get married soon? Then we would like to help you organize it for you! Think of nice bachelor parties like shake cocktails or dance to one of our party boats or experience the spectacular game robinson cruoe and of course we have many more unique and creative activities.

Do you also offer bachelorette parties?
We can offer attractive packages entirely to a tailor-made bachelor party according to your wishes and ideas. We are happy to think along with you to see how we can organize an unforgettable bachelor party for you in The Hague!