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Bachelor party Scheveningen!

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Bachelor Party Men At Scheveningen

Organize one Bachelor Party Men of Bachelor party women in Scheveningen, The Hague or environment? And are you looking for a special location for your bachelor party on the beach? Then you have come to the right place. At Flitz Events you will find a very wide range with all kinds of fun activities, which are very suitable for a bachelor party. Whether it's a bachelor party for women or for men. Many activities take place on the beach, a unique location. Ideal in good weather, so that you also get a nice tan for the wedding. Combine the activity with a drink or dinner package to close the activity and ensure the perfect bachelor party. Combine sun, sea and sand with one of our hilarious activities. Of course a few drinks and a cozy BBQ should not be missed. These are our ingredients to make your bachelorette party a great success. Choose from more than 30 beach activities and various packages. Read below the best bachelor party tips for 2020!

Personal - Sporty - Fun or just crazy!

Most chosen activities for a bachelor party in Scheveningen


Offer deal for a totally organized bachelor day

For 75 € PP you get 2 drinks + BBQ deluxe + 2 hours drink package + 2 activities *, in short, a fully organized day.

For 65 € PP you get 3 drinks + BBQ deluxe + 2 activities *, in short, a fully organized day.

For 60 € PP you will receive 2 drinks + 2 hours drink package + BBQ deluxe + 1 activities *.

For 50 € PP you get 3 drinks, BBQ deluxe + 1 activity *.

* Ask about the possibilities, certain activities such as a cocktail workshop, powerboat, pimp slippers etc. are not possible in combination with the above arrangements.

Top 6 activities bachelor parties Scheveningen:

Is it time for a bachelor party from your brother, nephew or close friend? That can be arranged by us. We are happy to help you organize a company outing for the tough guys. For a bachelor party for men, we offer cool and sporty activities. you can choose to let the bachelor roll through the sand or fly a bit through the air while power kiting. Do you feel like laughing, screaming or roaring at each other's actions? Then you can also choose to do the bubble soccer activity. Maybe you fancy a bit of excitement? Then you can also take a cruise on the sea, at high speed in one RIB powerboat. In addition to these activities, we also have a wide range of other sports and creative fun activities.

Top 6 activities bachelor parties Scheveningen:

Will your niece, aunt, sister or best friend soon get married? Then we would like to help you organize this for you! Maybe you want to escape from cannibals, shoot coconuts with a self-built slingshot, make a fire on the beach? Then the activity Robinson crusoe Scheveningen the right activity! We also have creative activities, one of which is pimping slippers. Choose this activity and steal the show with your self-decorated slippers in the summer! Does a creative outing not suit the bachelor party that you want to organize? Then you can also opt for the cocktail shaking workshop. Shake your own cocktail yourself and then enjoy your homemade cocktail. In addition to these activities, we also have a wide range of others sporty and creative fun activities.

Organizing bachelor party Scheveningen at Flitz Events why?

Looking for the best activities for a bachelor party at Scheveningen? We offer a wide range of bachelorette party activities for women and men! Organizing a bachelor day is a special occasion. The bachelor party should be a special day for the "bachelor". Feel the warm sand between your toes or let the bachelor fly through the air during it power kiting! In addition to our wide range of offer activities, we also offer combination packages to and fully arranged bachelor parties at Scheveningen. For example, you can choose to end your bachelor party with a delicious BBQ, with a beautiful view of the beach. All activities are supervised by professional instructors who are specialized in making your bachelor party in Scheveningen a success! If you want a very special bachelor party in Scheveningen, we will organize a bachelor party completely in accordance with your wishes.


All bachelor party activities are supervised by professional instructors who are specialized to make every bachelor party in Scheveningen a success. If you want a very special bachelor party in Scheveningen, we will put together a fully customized bachelor day with you. We've put together a top 3 most chosen bachelorette party activities. A bachelor party in Scheveningen must be an unforgettable experience.

Custom bachelor party at Scheveningen

If one of your best friends is getting married, it is your job to organize a very big and fun bachelorette party. Provide a fun activity in a special location and enough drinks to get through the day. If all goes well, your boyfriend or girlfriend will only have a bachelor party in his or her life, so the organization must be completely organized. A completely customized bachelor party! A party according to your wishes and ideas. We can offer attractive packages. We are happy to think along with you to see how we can organize an unforgettable bachelor party for you! Contact us for more information and request a free quote, so that we can turn your bachelor party into a 'Flitzende' day.

Combination packages with catering

We have already indicated this: you can end your bachelor party with a BBQ. However, you can also choose to have a drink or dinner. We have selected different locations in Scheveningen. There is a relaxed atmosphere at every location and all locations offer delicious dishes: BBQs and enthusiastic pleasant employees, which leads to a complete great bachelor party.

Many combined package in Scheveningen:

Bachelor party

A special moment: the bachelor party. Do you want a bachelor party The Hague or organizing an environment, you will find many possibilities at Flitz events. Fun, cozy and special bachelor parties. Both for the bride and the groom. And for their friends, of course. The bachelorette party is a moment of gathering before the upcoming big day: the wedding. Once again as an unmarried man or woman going out with your friends must of course become a special affair. We are happy to take care of that.

Adventurous bachelor party

Do you want to experience something exciting during the bachelor party? Go power kiting! Is there a bachelor flying through the air? Who is the first at the finish? The Robinson Experience is also a challenge and a true spectacle. All kinds of exciting competitions to survive and win the prize. Go surf rafting, sand yachting, let yourself be locked in an escape room or take a GPS trip. After the adventurous outing, of course, enjoy a chat while enjoying a snack and drink.

Creative bridal shower

Enjoying each other while enjoying something tasty. A workshop is a lot of fun to do during a bachelor party. While you are pimping slippers you can chat about the big day that is coming soon: marriage! Learn to paint, make a photo puzzle or take a cocktail making course. Then you can treat your (in-laws) family to your cocktail skills during your wedding party. Flitz events offers a great number of super fun creative workshops, Scheveningen and Kijkduin. Being busy on the beach with sand sculptures for example, or learn to dance salsa. Check the website for all the options.

Organize a sporty bachelor party

Want to get a breath of fresh air, play games and be active during your bachelor party? That is of course also possible. Both in The Hague as in Scheveningen we organize the best bachelor parties. Bubble soccer on the beach? The participants are in a big bubble, so that certainly gives a lot of fun. Volleyball, kite flying or building a kite together, it's all possible. You can combine various options for a sporty bachelor party with other activities.

Good food and drinks during your bachelor party

Not unimportant: good food and drinks during and after your activity. We like to organize a drink, also on a boat! More in the mood for a BBQ? That is also possible and also on the beach. That's how you become bachelor party The Hague very special. Eating pizza, eating sushi, a buffet? We take care of it. Of course always in consultation with you.

A bachelor party full of fun

De pub quiz is just super fun. Under the guidance of a professional game leader you will play the pub quiz, exciting and fun. Who can answer most questions correctly? Who Presses the Button Fastest? With a pub quiz you are assured of a great bachelor party. Both for women and for men. The craziest questions come along, questions to which you do know the answer, but do you come to them? Or is your neighbor or neighbor always faster? You can also play the pub quiz in teams for even more excitement and fun.

Want to know more about all the options for a bachelor party? Please contact us for more information.

Example bachelor party program:

The times can be changed in consultation

• 12.30 pm Reception of guests on location / beach tent
• 12.45 pm Reception with a delicious lunch (optional)
• 13.45 pm Explanation of the program, opportunity to change
• 14.00 pm Start powerkiting of Robinson Crusoe
• 16.00 pm End of Powerkiting or Robinson Crusoe
• 16.00 pm Short break
• 16.45 pm Start Bubble Soccer of Archery tag
• 17.45:XNUMX pm End Bubble Football or archery tag
• 17.45 pm The award ceremony and closing of the program
• 18.00 pm Follow-up drinks hour
• 19.00 pm Start BBQ Deluxe
• 21.00 pm End of program

Scheveningen is one of the most famous seaside resorts in the Netherlands. With its characteristic Kurhaus, its high-profile pier and completely renewed boulevard, Scheveningen has it all group outings area has a lot to offer. Combine your bachelor party in Scheveningen with a visit to the famous Crazy Pianos.

Organizing a bachelor party is a special occasion. It must be a special day for the 'bachelor'. A nice way to live together with your friends for the upcoming and special big day. We can provide this fun way! Whether it is a sporty, creative or an adventurous activity, everything is possible at Flitz events.

Click here to go to our events page to see which activity (s) appeal to you. PAY ATTENTION!! If you cannot make a choice from this list, it is of course also possible to combine the activity (s). It is also possible to conclude the activity (s) with a delicious BBQ at one of our TOP locations.

Please contact us for more information or request a whole obligation free quote via the request form so that we can make your bachelor day a 'Flitzende' day!


Events bachelor party Scheveningen:

Combination packages with catering

After the activities in Scheveningen it is high time for a nice drink and BBQ or dinner. And for that too, Flitz events chose different locations on Scheveningen. Thanks to the casual, delicious dishes and BBQs and enthusiastic, friendly staff, the locations guarantee a great evening for bachelor parties.

Choose from one of the beach tents in Scheveningen or ask for the quote!

Is your best friend getting married and do you want to organize something cool and unforgettable? Then think about organizing the bachelor party via Flitz events at Scheveningen. Combine the sun, sea and beach with the best bachelor party you will ever experience. Flitz events has years of experience in organizing bachelor parties at Scheveningen and surroundings. As a result, you do not have to worry about the organization of the outing. Flitz events offers more than 30 beach activities, so there is always a tough activity that exactly suits the bachelor and the group.

Which activities can you choose from?

As mentioned, Flitz events offers more than 30 beach activities. With such a number, it becomes a difficult job not to be able to find something nice for the bachelor party. We list some of our most popular activities here:

  • powerkiting
  • Beachcamp
  • Shootout
  • Blokarting
  • Bubble football
  • Farmers Beach Golf
  • Who is the rat
  • Beach volleyball

And there are many more options. From GPS tours on the boulevard to surf rafting and from building bamboo towers to spraying graffiti. If you find it difficult to choose from these fun events, let us help you. Contact us, tell us about the bachelor and the group and we will come up with one or more great activities and organize it. We are sure that this will be a super cool bachelor party. This bachelor party will be cited several times later as the coolest bachelor party ever.

Group size

When a bachelor party has to be organized, it can be quite difficult. First of all, all people important to the bachelor must be traced and mobilized, and then a date must be planned. Getting all these people in line on what to do can be challenging. Flitz events therefore only has great outings, so there is no other option than that everyone is immediately enthusiastic. Who wouldn't want to beat each other with beach volleyball or robinson Crusoe. And what could be better than enjoying lounge music and a drink in hand during the bachelor party? Flitz events is there for you and provides the bachelor party from A to Z entirely to your liking. In principle, it does not matter how large the group is. At Flitz events we already organize bachelor parties from two persons. Everything is possible if you want the bachelor party at Scheveningen to be organized by Flitz events.

Activity or arrangement

When you let the bachelor party at Scheveningen be organized by Flitz events, you can choose between one or more activities or an arrangement. If we only organize the activities for you, that is of course possible. We have years of experience in organizing these activities. Our experienced professional instructors ensure that every outing runs safely and smoothly. When you choose an activity, you must take into account that you provide the snacks and drinks yourself. Of course there are beach pavilions where you can go. You can also let us arrange the snacks and drinks, so that you no longer have to worry about that. It is best to choose a full package. Flitz events, in collaboration with various beach pavilions, also provides delicious snacks and drinks during and after the activities. An additional advantage is that you get the relaxed music and beach looks for free. Scheveningen is a really cool and inclusive seaside resort, which makes it a great idea to have the bachelor party organized here. Besides the fact that there are many pleasant beach pavilions, you also have the opportunity to continue the evening on the boulevard.

What does such an arrangement look like

If you choose an arrangement for your bachelor party at Scheveningen, then you are sure to get a full day program. Flitz events collaborates with various beach pavilions for this. This allows you to always have the chosen activities organized at the beach pavilion of your liking. For example, you can choose to have lunch at the beach pavilion on arrival in Scheveningen and then start the activities. After all, exercising on an empty stomach is never a good idea! Halfway through the activity we always take a short break. This way, depending on the chosen activity, everyone can catch their breath and have a drink. After the second part of the activity, the award ceremony will take place and the program will be closed. After this you can eat and drink at the beach pavilion you have chosen. Do you want to go out afterwards? Then you should definitely not let that. There are also various entertainment options on the boulevard in Scheveningen. But the city center of The Hague is also very easy to reach by car, public transport or taxi.

When it rains

We often get asked what happens when it rains. Despite the fact that we have a lot of control over Flitz events, we cannot check the weather. We always keep a close eye on the weather. On Scheveningen it can happen that it rains hard at 10:00 in the morning and that the sun shines crackling hard at 13:00. We know the weather and will always be in consultation with you when it seems that the bachelor party outside is not an option. Flitz events therefore also has indoor activities that can be relied upon. But when possible, the activities will continue outside. It is therefore up to the participants to put on good clothes in case the wind blows, drizzles or is fresh.

Feel free to contact us

Are you interested in organizing the bachelor party at Scheveningen and do you want to know what Flitz events can do for you? Please contact us without obligation and we will come back to you immediately. In good consultation, Flitz events will organize the bachelor party at Scheveningen for you and you will experience the bachelor party that will be talked about for years to come.

These are the 7 tips that you should not forget!

Are you the one designated to organize a nice bachelor party? Organizing a bachelor party often involves a lot, so don't forget that. Don't worry, we have tips to help you organize a bachelor party. Handy, right?!

Vriding party Tip 1 - Choose a suitable theme for your bride / groom!

Your best friend, brother or sister is getting married and you are the one who can organize the bachelor party? This should, of course, be a great day, so that naturally includes a suitable theme. But that is easier said than done!

Before you can indulge in the purchase of party items and the huge search for cool bachelorette activities, you need to know which crazy and fun theme will be central to your bachelor party. The bride / groom is of course the most important person of the bachelor party on this day, so it is up to you to choose a good theme that matches the bachelor's personality.

Organize bachelor parties

Vriding party Tip 2 - Which activity (s) do you choose for your bachelor party?

If the bachelor is a sporty woman or man, it is nice to plan a sporting activity with the best friends. You can think of unique sports activities such as hexathlon and Robinson Crusoe events. If your bachelor is not into sports, it is more fun for him or her to do another activity. You can think of sand cultures and cocktail shaking workshop. The entire bachelor party is of course about the bride, so it is important that she really likes the party and activity.

Bachelor party Tip 3 - Provide a guest list that the bride / groom agrees with.

To make the bachelor party unforgettable, it is of course important that there is a top atmosphere. That is why it is important that you collect all the best friends. The bachelor is kept out of most of the bachelor party. But it is still important to involve him / her in drawing up the guest list. Who should definitely be there and would he rather not have them at their bachelor party? By involving the bachelor in the guest list, you also know for sure that you don't forget to invite anyone important. It is also useful to involve bachelor, because that way you also have the telephone number and addresses of everyone. So you know where to send the invitation. This way you gather a great group to give your friend a great farewell to the bachelor life.

bachelor party women

Tip 4 - Choose the date of this great bachelor party.

Now that you know who is on the guest list, you can put all the calendars together. For this, use an online date picker or create a whatsapp group. This way you can consult and see when everyone can or cannot. When not everyone can go on the different dates, you can see on which date most people can. Make choices: choose a date on which the best friends of the bachelor could come anyway. These are the most important thing to have.

Start setting a date early in advance, then you have the best chance that everyone can be there. In addition, many activities and locations often have to be booked weeks in advance. Plan the bachelor party a few weeks before the wedding, so everyone can fully enjoy the bachelor party and still appear fresh at the wedding. So get started right away!

Tip 5 - The budget of the bachelor party.

Discuss with everyone who comes to the bachelor party what amount they want to spend on the bachelor party. Keep in mind that there may be people with different incomes in the group, so that you will not have to pay for people. So keep it tidy and 'average' with regard to the budget. Of course, the bachelor himself does not have to pay anything, so be sure to include that in your calculations. Now that the budget is known, you can choose and book activities for the bachelor party.

Now that you know roughly what the price per person will be in terms of activities, lunch, drinks, dinner and so on. Send that to all participants for an agreement, so nice to ask again if everyone agrees!

Tip 6 - Create and send a creative invitation.

A bachelor day is usually an informal event. It is therefore not necessary to send paper invitations. For example, you can make it easy for yourself and turn the party into a Facebook event. This way you can immediately see who can be present, who maybe and who not. On this event page you can also immediately exchange ideas and make agreements with all other invited parties. If not everyone is on Facebook, you can also reach people via e-mail or telephone. Instead of a simple e-mail message, it might be a nice idea to send them an e-card. You can compile this easily and cheaply through the Vistaprint websites.

Tip 7 - Take photos of this fun day!

Of course you always want to keep all memories of the bachelor party, so make lots of different kinds of photos! The days after the bachelor party, if it is still fresh, make sure you have collected as many photos of the bachelor party as possible from all participants and send all photos to all guests. These can come in handy in the preparations for the wedding for a presentation or speech, for example. An extra tip is also to record this day in a photo album and you could, for example, use Albelli or Pixum to make this album.

Sporting activities bachelor party

When you think of a bachelor party, you quickly think of all kinds of wild plans and activities. Therefore, a sporting activity is a great idea for a bachelor party. Consider, for example, learning to powerkiting on the beach. Learn to control your kite and let yourself be dragged over the beach. If this goes well you can even try to make some jumps. Or go karting and let yourself be dragged through the beach in a kart by a kite. It is also fun to take a ride in a RIB Powerboat and cruise the water at speeds of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour. Hold tight, because a sharp bend and you are in the water.

Relaxed activities bachelor party

If you prefer to relax a bit more during a bachelor party then that is of course also possible at Flitz Events. You can opt for a cocktail workshop or a poker workshop. It is also possible to follow a creative workshop on the beach and go for a sand sculpture workshop, pimp slippers, pimp clogs, paint or spray graffiti. When making sand sculptures, painting or spraying graffiti, you can choose to work together and create a beautiful work of art together. They are ideal activities if you like relaxation, the beach and are creative.

The Hangover

The City Game The Hangover is also ideal for a bachelor party. Everything went wrong during the bachelor party and everyone is very hung over from the many drinks. But the wedding is taking place today and you still have to arrange everything. You have limited time for this to save the wedding. This is only possible by collecting as many coins as possible in The Hague or Scheveningen and repairing the damage from the night before. You still have to pay for a wedding suit and rings and deliver them to the right location. You also have to pay off the strip dancer from last night and make sure you avoid your ex and in-laws. You do all this on the basis of a tablet with GPS. If you have a large group you can also split into teams. An activity that is perfect for a bachelor party.


What are the best bachelorette party ideas for men?
For a bachelor party for men, we offer cool and sporty activities. You can think of: Power kiting, bubble football, at high speed in a RIB powerboat.
What are the best bachelorette party ideas for women?
Will your niece, aunt, sister or best friend soon get married? Then we would like to help you organize this for you! Think of fun activities such as shaking cocktails during the cocktail workshop or dancing on one of our party boats, and of course we have many more unique and creative activities.
Do you also offer bachelor parties?
Entirely for a tailor-made bachelor party according to your wishes and ideas, we can offer attractive packages. We would like to think along with you to see how we can organize an unforgettable bachelor party for you!