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VR games

Discover the fun and variety of VR games with Flitz-Events!

Step into a virtual world of entertainment and discover the unprecedented fun and variety of virtual reality games at Flitz-Events! Whether you are an experienced gamer or simply looking for a unique and immersive experience for one nice company outing, our VR games take you to new dimensions of fun and adventure. From nerve-wracking games to mysterious challenges, with our VR games you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

Our VR games

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What is a virtual reality game?

A virtual reality game is an activity that people perform using VR glasses. These VR glasses, equipped with advanced technology, project images and sounds that are so real that the boundary between the virtual and real world becomes blurred. Participants are immersed in a 360-degree environment that responds to movements and actions, guaranteeing an immersive and often impressive gaming experience.

What you can expect from Flitz-Events

  • Guaranteed fun for young and old
  • Professional VR equipment available
  • can be played at any location throughout the Netherlands
  • Extensive explanation by an experienced instructor
  • Combining with other games or activities is possible

More information about the Virtual Reality games?

Our VR games offer guaranteed fun and an original day out for young and old. Whether you are looking for an exciting activity for a friends outing, a birthday party or a corporate event, our VR games are the perfect choice for a day full of fun, challenge and unforgettable moments. Take the plunge into the virtual world and discover a new dimension of entertainment with Flitz-Events!


About the different VR Teambuilding activities

Virtual reality and team building come together during various unique VR activities. From immersive collaborative challenges to exciting competitive games, each of our VR activities is designed to improve team dynamics and strengthen bonds between team members.

VR team building activities guarantee challenging solutions, communication, collaboration and of course: fun. At Flitz-Events we offer a wide range of unique activities:

  • VR Murder hotel
  • VR dinner: La Casa De Dinero
  • VR Hotel Homocide
  • VR Secrets of the Pyramid