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Doing outings in and around Monster

Monster is perhaps a poor child when it comes to places in South Holland where you can go for a fun outing. But make no mistake, there is plenty to do in this place and the surrounding area. Whether you want more adventure or more relaxation, in many activities or just get some rest. If you still have doubts about what you can do, then here are suitable suggestions to do and to experience a fantastic fun outing.

Swimming pool de Boetzelaer

Swimming pool de Boetzelaer is a noteworthy beautiful swimming pool where you can fill a complete day with lots of fun and entertainment with the whole family. De Boetzelaer is the figurehead of Monster and has many swimming facilities, a catering and an entertainment team led by Paco the pirate parrot. At the time of writing, a fire has raged in the pool building, requiring the pool to be restored. The owners are busy with the renovation and have started a crowdfunding to compensate the costs of the renovation.

The Westlandse Druif theme park

You can pick them, eat them, use them as decoration on a dessert, blend into a juice or brew many different varieties of wine. In short, the grape is a very versatile type of fruit. The founders of Theme Park De Westlandse Druif also understood this, so that they chose to make grapes their profession. You can come and take a look in the greenhouses where the grapes are grown, you can come and taste the grapes, you can come and watch a film and get a tour in a museum about the grape. In summary, you can have fun all day long and learn something that is all about the vitis vinifera.


Monster is located on the beautiful vast coastline of the province of South Holland. That is why it is essential to be able to make trips that are related to the coastline. For example, you can rent a canoe with friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues or clubmates to defy the waves of the North Sea. An ideal way to work in a fun and cool way on team building and the mutual bond between each other. You can also tear over the water with the help of a windsurf board. There are plenty of providers of water activities available in Monster, so you can be sure that you can find the suitable provider for your outing.

Sporting outings

Also on land you can do sporting outings along the coast of Monster. For example, think of archery and building rafts. There is also the possibility to survive, which is perfect as a school outing. These activities are very suitable if you want to work as a group on your collaborative capacity and if you want to strengthen the mutual bond with each other. These outings allow you to respond to this without anyone noticing and you have been able to see a better side of each other through fun, active and sporting activities.

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