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Tips for fun free and cheap outings

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
June 20, 2024

A fun outing doesn't have to be expensive! There are plenty of free and cheap activities you can do to have a great time without breaking the bank. Whether you're looking for outdoor adventure, cultural discovery, or just some social time, there are plenty of options that are friendly to your budget. On this page we share some tips for fun free and cheap outings that everyone can enjoy!

The best free outings 

The Netherlands is an incredibly beautiful country with many types of nature. From the dunes to the forests and from large sandy plains to the hilly Limburg. There is plenty to do if you are looking for outings that do not have to cost anything. How about a visit to one of the many freely accessible nature reserves in the Netherlands? Go walking or cycling through the beautiful dunes of the Dutch coast, discover the extensive forests on the Veluwe, or enjoy the panoramic views of the heathlands of the Hoge Veluwe. There are also numerous city parks where you can walk, picnic or enjoy a beautiful day outdoors free of charge.

Our top 5 cheap outings

Even if you are looking for outings at an affordable rate, there are plenty of options. At Flitz-Events we have a wide range of unique outings for a friendly price. Here are our top 5 cheap getaways:

  1. Sand sculpture making workshop: Get creative with sand and learn the basics of making beautiful sand sand sculptures. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, participants can explore their artistic skills and create unique works of art.
  2. Glow golf in Scheveningen: Enter a magical world of neon lights and play an exciting game of mini golf in a dark environment. Glow golfing is a fun activity for the whole family, where players can test their agility and precision as they navigate an enchanting course.
  3. Poker workshop: Learn the ropes poker game during a fascinating workshop. Under the guidance of experienced poker players, participants can learn the basic rules of Texas Hold'em, discuss strategies and improve their skills, while enjoying a fun and competitive atmosphere.
  4. GPS tour through the city: Go on an adventure and explore the city with the help of a GPS device. During this interactive tour, participants can work together to follow clues, complete tasks and discover interesting locations, all while learning more about the city's history and attractions.
  5. bootcamp: Get moving and participate in an energetic one boot camp session led by professional trainers. This dynamic workout includes a mix of cardio, strength and conditioning exercises suitable for all fitness levels. It's a fun and affordable way to stay active and enjoy the outdoors.

Fun and togetherness come first with Flitz-Events

At Flitz-Events we attach great importance to creating fun and promoting togetherness. Our mission is to provide unforgettable experiences where people can come together, have fun and make new memories. That is why we offer a wide range of activities and events that are suitable for all kinds of occasions and groups. Whether you are looking for a team building activity for your company, a birthday party for your child, or a day out with friends, at Flitz-Events we have something for everyone.

Are you curious about all our outings that are available at an affordable price? Then take it whole Contact us with us. We are happy to help you find the perfect activity that suits your wishes, budget and group size.


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