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Flitz Events Review

Experience unique team outings in Wassenaar

Strengthen your team with unique outings in Wassenaar

Do you now want to ensure that your team will bond better with each other, preferably in a fun and unique way so that it doesn't feel so forced? Then there is only one solution to your problem, do a team outing in Wassenaar with your colleagues and/or employees. In Wassenaar you can do many different team outings, which, in addition to fun and entertainment, are also good for team building. But what are fun team outings that you could only do in Wassenaar? Flitz Events offers outings for your team that will ensure that your team will remember this day for a long time to come.

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1. Escape room

With a team outing with your colleagues you can see each other from a different side than you normally do in a dull office. Once you go on an adventure together, you really get to know who sits next to or opposite you next to 40 hours per week. Sometimes you want to escape together from the routine of daily obligations, and Flitz Events has taken this literally by offering the hit of recent times as a team outing, namely the escape room. Having to use each other's quality to escape from an enclosed space as quickly as possible ensures that the mutual bond between your team becomes a lot deeper and stronger. For you, you no longer only escape from an escape room, but also from the routine of your work by doing your own Friday afternoon drink with your team.

2. City Games

Does your team think it knows everything about Wassenaar and is it not a street, alley or corner of unknown territory? Prove this by joining your team in the so-called City Games. The City Games are a new concept, which are taking over the cities in the Dutch provinces at breakneck speed. Through assignments you get to know undiscovered treasure towns in the city, all in their own subject. Crack a vault or arrest the criminals, free hostages or discover hiding places. One thing is certain: after the City Games your team knows the city like no other and therefore knows where they can get along outside office hours.

3. GPS tours

Would you prefer to explore the city in a quieter way? Then choose one of the many GPS tours to do that are organized through Flitz-Events. Using a special GPS device, your team unravels the city's secrets and finds its way back to base. A team outing where everything revolves around cooperation, because without a well-cooperating team you will not reach the finish line. An event with lots of sensation and fun.

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Extra: buffet

Every adventurous day must of course be able to end in style. And what better way to do this than with a well-prepared and hearty meal? It does not matter which of the team outings you plan, you can close them all with a fully catered buffet. After a challenging and active day, you naturally need to replenish your energy in a good way, which is why it has been thought that the buffet is not only full of tasty food, but that this food immediately ensures that you can fully expand. These are just a few examples of activities that can be done in and around Wassenaar, both indoors and outdoors and regardless of the size of your team. Activities such as quizzes and drinks can also be planned, this can be done with the same organizer. This way you will always find the team outing that suits your team.