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Do team outings in Monster

Nowadays you can do the best activities anywhere and anywhere for any group formation you can imagine. For example, if you want to do a team outing in the South Holland town of Monster, this is also possible. But what can you do here? There is a wide range of different activities, but which are really suitable for a good team outing in Monster? To give an overview of the chaos of the enormous offer, Flitz Events has some examples of the types of team outings you can do in Monster.

Good use of the beach area

Monster is in a good place along the Dutch coast, so that team outings that are best done on the beach come into their own here. Consider, for example, conducting a hexathlon, in which you can show with your team who secretly has a Greek gladiator in the family tree. In the six sportive beach activities of the hexathlon you can show who the real macho of the department is. Game and adventure, combined with cooperation and bonding, it all comes into play at the Monsters hexathlon of Flitz Events. In addition, the open beach area provides a lot of sea breeze, and this can be made good use of again by doing other sports activities. How about power kiting, where you exchange your old paper kite for a sturdy sports kite that you can really try to control the wind with. Or make use of the wind to go as fast and fast as possible, by hoisting the wind in the sails of your blokart and tearing along the boulevard super fast. Even when it is not extremely sunny and warm, you can spend a great day on the beach at Monster for a fun and entertaining team outing.

Also in the self

The beach at Monster is a very suitable place to carry out a good team outing, but don't forget the place itself. The village itself is certainly worth a visit and also offers a magical backdrop for discovering and exciting team outings. Do you want to rediscover Monster in a slightly different way? Then take part in one of the City Games, in which you play a role-playing game to stay out of the hands of your opponents. Whether you want to be the big bandit or the hero who charges the bandits, you can do it through one of the many City Games offered by Flitz Events. You can carry out the assignments by means of a tablet, but also with a GPS device with which you can search for hidden treasures in the village. There is also a wide range of different team outings for these GPS tours. In any case, you don't have to worry that there is nothing to do in Monster. Due to the huge range of activities organized by Flitz Events, you can assume that every type of team has been thought of. In addition, all activities can be concluded with a fully catered buffet or a barbecue on the beach in summer.
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