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Indoor team outing

Is your next team outing already planned for the winter months? Or would you like to give the outing a completely different meaning by doing it in an indoor space? We are also happy to assist you at Flitz-Events. We offer a wide range of indoor activities for every group of different ages a unique outing organize.

We can also be flexible if the weather turns bad at the last minute, and you had planned an outdoor activity. It sometimes happens that the weather throws a spanner in the works. With a wide range of active outings that can also be done indoors, there is no need to panic!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of indoor activities does Flitz-Events offer for an indoor team outing?
    Flitz-Events offers a diverse range of indoor activities for a successful indoor team outing. From workshops such as cocktail making and poker to challenging games such as escape rooms and Pub Quiz Shows, we have something for every team. View our offer and discover the many possibilities to organize an unforgettable indoor team outing.
  • Can I combine the indoor activities with a food and drink package?
    Absolute! At Flitz-Events you can easily combine the indoor activities with various packages for food and drinks. After an exciting activity, there is nothing better than relaxing together and catching up while enjoying a snack and a drink. We offer various packages, including drink packages and dinner packages, to round off your indoor team outing perfectly.
  • Are the indoor activities also suitable for large groups and team building events?
    Sure! Our indoor activities are suitable for both small and large groups. Whether you are organizing a team building event or a company outing for a large group, our activities can be adapted to the size of the group. With professional guidance and various options, we ensure that everyone has a great time, regardless of the size of the group.

Escape room: One of the best indoor outings!

If you are thinking of an indoor team outing or family outing, the escape room must have already been considered! An escape room is an exciting and challenging activity in which cooperation, communication and problem-solving skills are central. In a locked room, you and your team are challenged to solve puzzles, solve riddles and find hidden clues to escape within a certain time. It is a perfect combination of excitement, fun and teamwork, where everyone can use their unique skills to reach the goal.

At Flitz-Events we offer different themes and levels of difficulty for our escape rooms, so that there is always a challenge that suits your team. Whether you opt for a mysterious detective case, an adventurous treasure hunt or a futuristic mission, the escape room provides an unforgettable experience that takes cooperation and team spirit to the next level. So gather your team, work together and unravel the mysteries to escape the escape room!

Indoor activities and fun outings available year round

Not only during the winter, but throughout the year you can enjoy indoor activities. Even in summer, the weather can change surprisingly, so indoor activities remain an excellent choice. In addition, there are countless fun activities that simply better take place indoors. Take, for example, a cocktail making workshop or a challenging escape room.

Choose the ingredients for your own cocktail together with your friends or colleagues and compete to make the most delicious creation. The nice thing is that you can judge for yourself who ultimately comes out as the winner.

Learn to play poker professionally

Another popular indoor activity is the poker workshop. Here you can learn how to play poker like a real pro from experienced instructors. Discover the secrets behind the game, learn strategies and find out when your opponents are bluffing. The workshop provides a complete experience with a host, professional dealers, croupiers, poker chips and, of course, prizes for the winners.

The Pubquiz Show: Cracking the brain together

A particularly fun indoor activity is the Pub Quiz Show. While enjoying delicious food and drinks, you form teams and answer questions on a variety of topics. Take the challenge and find out which team is the smartest. The winning team not only goes home with the coveted cup, but also with the honor of proving that they are the smartest. The Pub Quiz Show is presented by an experienced quiz master and includes questions on various themes. If desired, the questions can even be tailored to your group, adding a personal touch to the experience.

During the show, questions, audio fragments and video clips are used to hold your attention. There is even the possibility to experience a Pub Quiz Show based on the popular TV show 'Ik hou van Holland'. This activity guarantees 2,5 hours of entertainment, during which you can socialize with your teammates.

Need inspiration for an indoor team outing? Be creative!

Whether you get on an indoor boat and sail through the Amsterdam canals, or rather listen to the exciting stories in a dark escape room, it's all possible! Even if you want to plan your team outing indoors, you will visit many beautiful places and have a relaxing day with colleagues, friends or family.

Enjoy indoor activities combined with delicious food and drinks

At Flitz Events you will find a wide selection of indoor activities. Even on less favorable days it is possible to have a fantastic time. Discover the diversity of indoor activities, request a quote without obligation and discover the possibilities. If desired, activities can even be adapted to your preferences. In addition, it is always a good idea to end the day in style after an indoor activity with a drink or dinner package. This allows you to talk about the experiences of the day and extend the fun even further.

You have countless choices for the package and you can choose to sit cozy inside a restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal.

Choose Flitz Events

Choose Flitz Events and turn your indoor team outing into a spectacular experience. With a wide range of indoor activities and the option to combine them with delicious food and drink, you are guaranteed a day full of fun and adventure, teambuilding and conviviality. Contact us today and discover how we can turn your indoor team outing into a successful event that will be talked about for a long time to come!

Planning a nice dry and fun outing? At Flitz-Events we are ready for you with a wide range of indoor team outings.