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Team outing The Hague

Do you want to do something fun with the team? Then a team outing in The Hague and surrounding areas is an excellent choice! We at Flitz-Events have 25+ years of experience in organizing fantastic fun outings for reasonable prices. The Hague is located in Zuid-Holland and is ideal for a fun and informative bike ride or even power kiting on the beach! Also for one spectacular team outings you are in the right place in The Hague. For example, you can go rafting at sea or experience a spectacular and enjoyable afternoon during our cruise through The Hague.

Scheveningen is located in The Hague and of course the beach is also located there. Did you know that a team outing on the beach is also great fun? A team outing in Scheveningen or in Kijkduin is organized on the beach. All fun beach activities are provided here, such as BE Robinson Experience, hexathlon of bubble football.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of activities does Flitz-Events offer for team outings in The Hague?
    Flitz-Events offers a wide range of activities for team outings in The Hague, ranging from sporty outdoor activities such as power kiting and hexathlons to creative workshops and city games such as an escape room or a GPS tour. We have something for every team!
  • Can I combine multiple activities to create a custom program for our team outing?
    Certainly! At Flitz-Events you can combine different activities to create a unique and tailor-made program for your team outing. We are happy to help you put together a program that perfectly matches your wishes and objectives.
  • Can the Flitz-Events packages be adapted to our specific wishes and needs?
    Absolutely, our packages are flexible and adaptable to your specific needs. We listen to your wishes and can adjust the arrangements with regard to activities, duration, catering and more. This is how we ensure that your team outing in The Hague is exactly as you envision it!

Which locations are used for the team outing in The Hague?


Beach Clubs

The team outing in The Hague promises to be a day full of fun and adventure, with a series of activities that take place both indoors and outdoors. At the beach clubs such as Beach Club Buena Vista and FONK colleagues come together to enjoy the beach while participating in various beach activities. These beach clubs are known for their relaxed atmosphere and sea views, providing the perfect backdrop for team building.

What is also nice about a team outing at a beach club is that you can combine it with lunch, drinks or dinner. Of course we can arrange this too! Please contact us without any obligation contact with us!


For those who prefer to stay indoors or if the weather is not good, there are also plenty of options for one indoor team outing. A popular option is laser gaming, where teams must think strategically and work together to emerge victorious. These activities take place in specially designed indoor locations, where excitement and sensation are guaranteed.

At your location!

And for the ultimate convenience, we simply come to you! We also offer to come to your own location. This means that the team outing can be tailored exactly to the wishes and needs of the team, which makes the event even more personal and memorable. Each scenario offers a unique opportunity to bring the team closer together and create unforgettable memories.

Team outings for every group

We can accommodate both large and small groups original team outing to nurse. With our experienced and trained team, it is no problem for us to organize a team outing with 5000+ people. But one team outing with 6 people or less is also no problem at all. Popular activities for small groups include power kiting, an cocktail workshop, an play escape room or sailing on the drinks boat in The Hague


Our team outings are sustainable and environmentally conscious!

We only use sustainable materials that are reusable for our activities. Since we often provide activities outside, we believe it is necessary to work as sustainably as possible. Flitz-Events is your #1 partner for a sustainable but above all unforgettable team outing!

Team outing The Hague


Combine multiple activities or conclude with an arrangement

At Flitz-Events we do everything we can to put together an unforgettable day for your ideal team outing in The Hague. That is why we offer the opportunity to combine several activities and thus create a unique day full of variety and fun. Imagine: a challenging beach activity in the morning, followed by a pleasant city walk and then a tasty lunch at an attractive location. Or maybe you start with a creative workshop, followed by a sporting competition and end with a relaxing drink on a boat in the canals of The Hague. The possibilities are endless and fit perfectly with the interests and goals of your team.

If you're looking for convenience and a seamless experience, our packages are the answer. Our packages have been carefully put together to offer you and your team a complete and unforgettable day. Whether you prefer a package with activities and catering, or a combination of team building and entertainment, we have a wide range of options to choose from. Our packages are flexible and adaptable, so you can choose exactly what best suits your team's needs.


Do you only organize team outings in The Hague?

No, not only in The Hague. Flitz-Events is your partner for:

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