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Team day

The team day, an ideal day full of fun activities, where teambuilding ranks at number 1. Together with friends, family or colleagues you compete against each other in different sports activities, or catch up in one of our quieter ones workshops! Everything is possible Flitz events! We are the experts in organizing team days. Having fun together, that's what we stand for!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most popular activities to do?
    The activities that are booked the most are the Robinson Expedition, Hexathlon, Sand Sculptures and the Cocktail Workshop
  • Who arranges it all?
    We at Fitz-Events all have colleagues who supervise the activities. They try to make your day run as smoothly as possible

Organize your team outing in Scheveningen

Collaboration activities come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose to go out in a small or large group. At Flitz-Events you plan various group outings, suitable for one bachelor party, friend outing, team outing of family day! Everything with an eye on a goal: A fantastic day for you and your group mates. We are the expert in team building.

We would like to take you along some of our fun activities:

Expedition Robinson

Expedition Robinson is one of our popular group activities on the coast of Scheveningen. Together with your colleagues you compete against each other in various sporting activities. It's all about strategy and collaboration here. Expedition Robinson is therefore the activity for a team day.


powerkiting is a very sporty and unique activity on the beach. Together with your colleagues you will make great leaps through the air in no time. With power kiting you get to know the forces of the wind. Compete against each other and see who can make the highest and farthest jump! Or help each other to master the technique as quickly as possible by working in a team. A day full of sportsmanship, the ideal group activity.

Beach volleyball

Beach volleyball is an incredibly fun activity where you compete against each other in a team. A sport that anyone can learn in a short time. Our guidance will teach you the basic techniques of the sport in no time. You will then find yourself hitting exciting rallies between you and your opponents at the end of the afternoon. Beach volleyball is often combined with activities such as club hockey and bubble football. Collaboration is paramount here.

The drink boat

If you prefer a more relaxed approach, we have the drink boat a great fun activity. On the road with the team, while enjoying some snacks and drinks. An ideal opportunity for small and large groups! Catching up on the water in The Hague, who wouldn't want that? A fun activity for the team, which is often done during team days, and for good reason company outings!

One of our fun workshops!

Workshops are great fun for a team outing. Get together with the group to test your creativity and chat. For example, how about the workshop sand sculptures to make? Or the cocktail workshop? Just two of our fantastic workshops! A workshop has several purposes. In this way you work together, by thinking about the design together. In addition, a workshop often revolves around creative thinking. A good way to analyze the group dynamics in an organization.

Combine your team day or team outing with a closing drink or dinner!

Of course you can plan a fun day at Flitz-Events! We are an experienced event agency in the The Hague region, specifically in Scheveningen. For various activities such as team days, group outings, staff outings or family celebrations, you've come to the right place! We put together a special program with arrangements based on your wishes. We like to think along to look at activities that suit your company well.

A nice addition: Combine your team day with a dinner or drink! This way you can chat about all the events after a pleasant day. This can easily be done at one of the nice beach bars on the coast of Scheveningen of Kijkduin! End the team day with a snack or drink. Simply pass on your wishes to us and we will take care of the arrangements you will never forget!

Team building activities

A team day or team outing is all about fun. Building a strong team for your company is extremely important. We know better than anyone what the benefits of a fun company outing are.

Work on the general atmosphere within the company

The atmosphere in the work environment is extremely important for the success within a company. When everyone can work well together, the long-term results will be positive. A team day is therefore a great opportunity to get together with your employees, in a completely different setting. Getting to know new employees also contributes to a successful team day.

Analyze the behavior of your employees

We often hear from employers that a team day gives different results. In addition to promoting team cooperation, you as an employer can also gain insights into the behavior of your employees. During the team day you regularly see that employees take on a different role than within the company. During the fun activities you get to know new characteristics of people you might not expect.

New insights for business improvement

A team day is often combined with a serious goal. After a fun day with activities, there is often still some time for business conversations. For example, a brainstorming session is regularly held to see where improvements can be made in the field of mutual communication on the work floor. There is also often talk about trust, the composition of the team members and the way people work with each other. All in all, a team day is an essential day that every employer should schedule every year!

You can put together a team day at Flitz-Events!

It is clear that a team day has various advantages. Organizing a team outing, however, requires a lot of planning and arranging. Flitz-Events is therefore the ideal partner for outsourcing all planning work in the field of team building days. We take into account the possibility of business related conversations to maintain. We understand better than anyone that, in addition to the necessary relaxation, it is also nice to spar about topics such as: The objectives, mutual communication, future assignments / tasks or the general dynamics.

Together you meet with your colleagues to work on your team building. You do this at a unique location, namely in beautiful Scheveningen!

If you prefer to organize a team day in your own working environment, that is no problem either. We are happy to think along with you to put together a team day based on your wishes. Full of fun, yet plenty of room for serious conversations.

Request a quote for the next team day without any obligation!

At Flitz-Events we naturally think along with you to organize a team day or fun company outing that meets all wishes. We have various arrangements to ensure that you can work on the general cooperation in a pleasant way. We would like to hear about the wishes and needs. Try to state as explicitly as possible how you see the day in front of you. We then arrange the rest to plan an active day!

Work on the trust of your staff by planning a successful team day. That's what you do at Flitz-Events! Request one without obligation quote to find out more about the possibilities. In addition, you can always contact contact us if you have any questions!