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Team building workshop

Want to do something fun with the whole department? A team building workshop is not only fun and cozy but also great to strengthen the strength of your team. Working together towards a goal and helping each other where necessary is a good way to work on team building. A workshop is of course very suitable for this. Flitz events has been organizing the best workshops and other activities for years, also especially for team building.

Our workshops come in all kinds of creative and sporting forms, combinations thereof, aimed at cooperation and/or aimed at competition. Due to our experience with all kinds of teams and team building, we can also advise which activity best suits your group and goals. Our activities are always led by a professional.

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Large choice of fun workshops

Flitz events has such a large and varied range of fun activities that there is something suitable for everyone. Large and small groups, men and women, mixed groups, also in terms of age, everything is possible. The ladies usually like it very much to make jewelry of pimp slippers. Have fun tinkering and enjoy your new creations all summer long. By helping each other and learning from each other, we also work directly on team building. Fun outings for men are learning poker (of course the ladies can also participate), build a mega kite or learn to kite.

There are many more fun things, take a look at the site of Flitz events to get ideas.

Workshop team building beach or city

You can also follow a team building workshop on location. On the beach of Kijkduin, Scheveningen or Kijkduin, for example. The beach is a wonderful environment to organize a team building outing and multiple activities can easily be combined. In addition to the creative team building activities, you can also get started with team building in a sporty way. Collaborate on one mega flyer or beautiful sand sculptures to make. Out to sea in one powerboat, surf rafting or learn kiting. There are also all kinds of team building workshops in the city. Learn how to shake cocktails, for example.

Very cozy and very nice team building outing. And what about a GPS tour? Solve riddles and carry out assignments along the way and thus find the end point of the journey. It's extra fun to do this in multiple teams so that it can be turned into a competition.

Creative team building workshops

If you are creative with each other, it immediately creates a bond. You all make the same thing, but each gives his or her own personal expression to it. One works very precisely, another does not take it so closely. One works quickly, the other does not. Everyone has personal skills and it is precisely during a creative team building activity that these come to the fore. Exchanging ideas, talking about the use of color and materials, admiring each other's results, it's all great fun and inspiring.

During the creative workshop there is also plenty of room for socializing and conversation.

Food and drinks at the workshop

Team building makes you thirsty and fun is of course also an important factor. A drink is usually served during an activity, but it is very nice to eat together afterwards. You can also chat and exchange experiences. We organize everything in the field of food and drinks, of course always in consultation with you. We can keep it simple but also go big and everything in between. Extensive dining, scoring a pizza, organizing a BBQ on the beach or having a nice meal in one of the nice beach bars on the coast.

Feel free to ask us about all the possibilities. Also eat during one boat trip, eating pancakes or an extensive brunch or not are among the possibilities.

Team building workshop ideas

We have a fun workshop available for every team! Whether it is something creative or exciting. Nothing is too much for us. The workshops below are most often chosen for team building. It doesn't matter whether it is used in a large program or as a short activity, but it is always a real success:

Workshop team outing Team building

Our extensive experience with team building means that we can organize team building workshops for all types of groups. Whether it is a small or large group. Team building is fun and educational for existing teams, they learn to work together better and to respond to each other. Team building is also very valuable for new teams such as a project team. The team members get to know each other quickly and well and get a good idea of ​​each other's skills and talents. We can split larger teams into smaller teams that work together and compete against each other. In this way, the team building workshop immediately gets more body and it works both competitively and collaboratively.

Would you like to know more about all the possibilities for team building workshops? Check out our website, where you will find all workshops and our other activities explained in detail. Combine your workshop with other activities to get the most out of your team building outing. We organize whole and half days, half a day or just the evening, just what you want. Take contact contact us for free information.

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