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The best team building games

During a team building outing with fun team building games you will gain insight into the talent and ambitions of the members of your team. Discover personal talents during the team building games and translate these to your team in order to increase the return of your team. Flitz events organizes the best team building games, both indoors and outdoors, and all year round. We often organize team building outings on the beach because there is a lot of space here to be active. We have excellent contacts with various beach tent holders so that we can also organize everything inside. Are you looking for group games, adults, team building & fun? Look at the many possibilities at Flitz events.

Choose from team building games

Effective collaboration and effective leadership are usually the most important parts of team building. Sometimes tensions have arisen within a team and playing team games can greatly benefit the group spirit. We have many years of experience in choosing the most suitable team building game. We have already organized hundreds of outings, with great success. Together with you we look at what the wishes are and we choose the best team building activity for your group outing. It can be a single activity, but we can also make combinations so that different skills are discussed. For example, a team building game can be mainly competitive in nature, but can also mainly be aimed at cooperation. Combinations of both are also possible. Group games group building are a fun experience for every team, especially if you organize the team building games in a cozy atmosphere.

Creative team building events

Working together on the same goal or each working on a creative expression. It creates bond and often unexpected talents emerge. Our workshops are always led by a professional who may also play a leader or jury. If you get creative, you can pimp slippers, pimp clogs or even pimp peckers. Would you like to follow a workshop in a group, then building a mega kite is a very nice outing or making a photo painting. Take a picture of the whole team and then cut it into smaller parts. Each member of the team now gets a share and then tries to paint it on canvas as well as possible. Afterwards, all parts are put together and a large painting of the group photo is created. A great fun workshop that is also very nice. We offer many more fun and teambuilding suitable workshops so check the site or inquire by mail or phone about the possibilities.

Sporty team building games

Sporting team building games are of course also ideal for increasing the group feeling. Splitting the group into two teams also creates a highly competitive character of the team building game. We organize great fun games team building on the beach: the Robinson Experience, a volleyball tournament, learning to kite or surf rafting, farmers beach golf and many other sports activities. They are not only great fun but also fun and we ensure that the team building aspect is not overlooked for a moment. The sporty team building games are also led by a professional instructor or game leader.

Organize a nice day

If you want to organize a team building outing, the various activities are important, but the fun factor also plays a major role. Combine the annual company outing with team building for maximum return. A nice outing also includes good food and time for socializing and socializing. In consultation we organize your teambuilding outing from start to finish. Whether it concerns a single or two half-days or a full day. After the team building games we can organize a dinner or a barbecue on the beach, nice and cozy food in a beach tent or during a boat trip. A party afterwards is also possible. The pub quiz is a pleasant evening in which team building is also done again. Here teams compete against each other and playful questions need to be answered. An exciting and super fun team building game that everyone enjoys.

Information and advice

Flitz events has a lot of experience in organizing team building games. We are happy to consult with you about your wishes and of course about the available budget for game team building. We organize the team building games in Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland and Kijkduin, but also in The Hague or another city, if possible. If you want to organize team building games outside, there is of course some risk of bad weather. In consultation we can also put together a plan B so that the teambuilding outing can always go ahead. Call us for information and advice, it is entirely without obligation.