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Team building on location

Flitz events organizes all kinds of fun games and activities for team building on location. Cosy, inspiring, focused on cooperation and/or competitive, it's all possible. We take care of the outing from start to finish, including food and drinks. Always in consultation with you! We can arrange a half day or several half days entirely according to your wishes. Only an evening teambuilding on location is also possible.

Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about all the possibilities or take a look at our website. All activities are described in detail here so that you can get ideas.

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Team building locations

Many of our team building locations are near the beach. The coast offers a large number of opportunities for crazy activities. You can get started with team building both indoors and outdoors. If you have opted for outside, we can also have an alternative program to move your outing indoors, if necessary. Do fun things in one of the cozy beach tents! Locations where we organize everything Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland and Zandvoort. All of them cozy places and we have good contacts with many beach tent owners so that there is always something to arrange.

We also organize team building activities elsewhere, including in The Hague. Do you want own location you can often do that too. We then have to discuss the possibilities in terms of facilities and available space in consultation.

Sporty, creative or exciting

If you want to do a team building activity on location, you can choose from sporty, creative and super exciting outings. Following a workshop is a very good choice for team building! Doing something creative with the entire department, working together and discovering new talents together. Everything is possible: pimp your summer slippers, transform a clog into a planter, learn to paint, salsa dancing or playing poker. Also very nice are the workshop making sand sculptures or building a mega kite.
Prefer to be sporty? Beach volleyball, bubble soccer of farmers beach wave are great team building activities.

Are you looking for activities with even more excitement, do you want to put your team to the test? Then go the Robinson Experience at. A great team building outing to get the most out of yourself and the group. Also very exciting are surf rafting, a trip with the powerboat and kiting on the beach.

Food and drink

We also provide food and drinks at our team building locations. Between the activities or after the end, enjoy and talk about a successful day. Of course, we always provide the food in consultation with you and we tailor it to the available budget. A number of options: eating pancakes, sushi, a pizza, a super cozy BBQ on the beach or an extensive dinner. Eating during one boat trip, an extensive brunch, high tea, high wine or a nice drink with the team.

Do you want to know more about all team building locations, get ideas for activities, advice on choosing team building games? Take without obligation contact contact us, we have years of experience in organizing teambuilding on location.

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