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Team building indoor

Flitz events organizes team building indoor outings throughout the year. If you opt for the indoor team building, you can be sure that your outing can continue, even if the weather is unexpectedly bad. We offer an extensive choice of super fun indoor activities. There are all kinds of workshops (suitable for team building) at fun locations such as beach bars on the South Holland coast. Our workshops are led by a professional and are not only educational, but above all very pleasant.

We offer indoor team building for all types of teams. Large and small teams, for all ages and compositions. Of course you can also combine your indoor activities with great outdoor activities. If the weather is bad on the day that you have a team building outing, we can offer an alternative program in consultation.

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Indoor activities

Indoor team building can be creative or more sporty in nature. We can organize the indoor outing completely, from A to Z, also for example at SnowWorld or Winter Wonderland. Of course we will arrange everything, including good food and drinks. After all, sociability is an important part of a teambuilding outing. You choose whether you want to work competitively or more focused on cooperation. Combinations of both are of course also possible. For example, we can organize a workshop that requires cooperation, but also competition. For example, we divide the group into several teams that have to compete against each other for the best end result. We can also organize indoor teambuilding for very large groups.

Indoor and outdoor team building combinations

We organize many of our outings on the coast. This makes it possible to include very varied team building activities in the program. Your program can cover half a day or a whole day, but also, for example, only the evening. We have plenty of sporting activities. You can do a lot of fun things on the beach, there is plenty of room. We also organize everything at sea. From a cozy boat trip to the super exciting tour in the powerboat where you as a team have to brave the waves. Of course, this requires very good cooperation. Such an activity greatly enhances the feeling of togetherness.

Group games

Then there are also all kinds of group games such as beach volleyball, bubble football or farmers beach golf. The nice thing about such games is that the team can be split into different groups that compete against each other. A great form of team building: working together within the group and competing against each other.

The benefits of team building

Team building can give a team a huge boost. Both existing teams and new teams such as project teams. The participants get to know each other in a completely different way. Unexpected talents can emerge and the different participants gain more respect and appreciation for each other. By focusing on collaboration, talents can be deployed and utilized that can also come in handy at work. By adding an element of competition, participants can show what they have in house. Some of our sports activities go to great lengths.

Creative workshops team building indoor

Working together to achieve a great end result is an excellent basis for team building. During a workshop you can work on a project for the entire group. For example, consider building a mega kite or making a photo painting. Building a mega kite is done in small groups, after which the various parts are assembled together and the mega kite can really fly. The entire group enjoys the end result together. When making a photo painting, all participants receive a piece of a photo, which you can also supply yourself, after which all participants put their piece on the white canvas. Ultimately, all the paintings are put together to create a large photo painting.

Team building indoor puzzle painting

This is also a very popular outing for indoor team building. In addition, we offer all kinds of other super fun indoor workshops that are also suitable for team building. Think of pimping slippers or clogs, learning how to dance salsa, learning to play poker or learning how to shake cocktails.

Team building indoor games

In addition to the creative workshops, we can organize fun indoor team building games. The pub quiz for example: the participants compete individually or in groups for prizes and have to answer playful questions. A very fun activity for all types of groups and ages. The pub quiz also guarantees lots of laughter and fun. We can also organize sporting games indoors. The escape room is also a very suitable indoor team building outing. The group must work well together to escape the escape room.

Flitz events organizes the team building outing completely for you, but of course always in consultation with you. We can also provide food and drinks. We offer a range of options starting with coffee and tea with pastries, lunch and brunch, drinks, dinners, a bbq on the beach and everything else you can think of. We organize the outings in all kinds of places: Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek-van Holland, The Hague and other locations in consultation.