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Creative team building activities

Very nice: Creatively fill in team building. Flitz events has years of experience in organizing great team building events. Our creative team building events are not only very good for strengthening your team, they are also fun and a real "outing". Under the guidance of a professional, the team will get to work painting, pimping slippers, making sand sculptures or one of the many other fun workshops that we offer.

You can also combine it with a sporty element and, if desired, we can also arrange delicious food and drinks to make your team building event a great day.

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Complete creative team building day

Of course you can only book a creative workshop, but we can also turn your team building day into a fully catered day. And everything in between. A team building morning, afternoon or evening, or combinations thereof. We will of course arrange everything in consultation with you. A painting workshop with good food afterwards or make a combination with sporting activities. We have a huge choice of very fun activities, for all types of teams, groups and for all ages.

Catering included

Start your team building day with a delicious brunch, followed by a creative workshop, and finish with a high tea or dinner. You can also put together an afternoon and evening program or only get started with team building in the evening. Just what you want!

Organize a creative team building activity

It is of course super fun on the beach. We organize the workshops on and on the beach, but also in the city. For example, go make sand sculptures on the beach of Scheveningen or do a team building painting workshop in one of the cozy beach tents. Also fun: making a photo painting. Or go build a mega kite with the team. Also suitable for larger groups! You will be divided into smaller groups and work separately on a part of the kite.

Combine team building outings

Afterwards, the parts are put together and the mega kite can really take to the air. The whole is led by an experienced instructor. There are also fun and creative activities to do in the city: a GPS tour for example with great assignments. Have two teams compete against each other to add a competitive element as well.

painting creative team building workshop

Team building creative and sporty

Flitz events has a lot of experience with team building activities and can organize sports workshops and activities in addition to creative workshops. It can be very nice to get started not only creatively but also sportingly with a team. In this way, different talents are addressed and unexpected talents can come to light and the group feeling can be strengthened. A few examples of sporty team building activities are sailing in a powerboat (for the daredevils), a volleyball tournament, the extremely popular Robinson Experience, bubble football or learning to kite.

Creative team building activities

After creative and sporty delicious food

You can also eat well. During a boat trip, somewhere in a cozy beach tent, a BBQ on the beach or during a luxury buffet. Everything is possible, from sushi to pizza, pancakes or Chinese food. Indicate your wishes and the available budget and Flitz events ensure an unforgettable day.

We are ready for you!

Are you not quite sure yet what you want to do? Our experienced creative team building experts are ready to help you with fun team building workshop ideas!