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A stronger team, better communication and improved cooperation - that's what a company outing with a focus on team building is all about. At Flitz-Events we understand the importance of a close and efficient working environment. That is why we offer a range of exciting and interactive team building activities throughout the Netherlands.

Whether you strive for a better teamwork, want to strengthen mutual bonds or just want to experience a day full of fun and positive energy, our team building activities offer the ideal solution. Be inspired by our diverse range and discover how one company outing take your team to new heights with team building. Connecting stronger together – that is the core of our teambuilding company outing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of activities are suitable for team building outings?
    Teamwork and cooperation are central to team building outings. Activities such as hexathlon, Robinson expedition, creative workshops and interactive games promote these aspects and create a stronger team spirit.
  • Can team building outings be adapted to our specific wishes and needs?
    Yes, at Flitz-Events team building outings can be tailor-made to meet your specific goals and preferences. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.
  • Are team building activities suitable for all types of groups, large or small?
    Certainly! Team building activities are suitable for various group sizes, ranging from small teams to large corporate groups. We have experience adapting our activities for different group sizes.
  • Can team building outings also be organized at our own location?
    Absolute. Flitz-Events offers the flexibility to organize team building activities at a location of your choice. Whether in the office, in a conference center or in a park, we adapt the activities to the location.

The best team building outings in the Netherlands!

At Flitz-Events you will discover a wide range of team building outings that can be carried out throughout the Netherlands. From outings on the beach of Scheveningen to activities at your office. Whether you are looking for adventurous team building on the water, creative workshops in the city, or sporting challenges in nature, we have the perfect activity to strengthen team spirit and promote cooperation.

With our diverse and tailor-made programs, we ensure that every team building outing becomes an unforgettable experience, regardless of the location. Discover the possibilities and let Flitz-Events inspire, connect and motivate your team for a day full of fun and success!

What does team building mean?

Team building refers to activities, exercises and initiatives aimed at strengthening cooperation, communication, trust and cohesion within a group or team. The goal of team building is to get individual team members to work together as a well-functioning unit, leveraging their individual skills and talents to achieve common goals.

During the team building activities we work on the overall cooperation between you and your colleagues. A team building outing is known for

What are the benefits of team building outings?

– Improved collaboration

– Reinforced team spirit

– Better communication

– Development of leadership

– Building trust

– Increased motivation

What are the benefits of team building activities for the employer?

For the employer, team building activities are a good way to see employees at work. Because they work together on numerous mind-bending puzzles, challenging activities and nerve-racking assignments, a natural division of roles is created among the group. For example, someone will step up to take the lead, and there will be others who are the thinking force behind the group.

The employer, in turn, can gain insights that contribute to improved work productivity, because the right strengths of his employees are used.

What is a nice company outing?

Communication, working together and having fun during various unique assignments, that is what best describes a company outing. Whether solving puzzles in an escape room, navigating challenging team building games or taking part in creative workshops, a fun company outing provides the perfect opportunity to strengthen bonds between colleagues, develop new skills and create unforgettable memories together. to create.

How about power kiting, for example? Feel the power of the wind as you fly a kite on the beach. This adventurous and energetic game requires close cooperation between team members to control the kite and achieve challenging goals together.

Or would you rather do some more mission-oriented activities? Then you can also opt for hexathlon, expedition Robinson or the Highland games. During a hexathlon, teams compete against each other in a series of challenging games and activities, where cooperation, strategy and team spirit are essential to achieve victory.

Or imagine yourself in the world of Expedition Robinson, where you pass physical and mental tests, appeal to your survival instincts and your team works together to reach the ultimate goal. For a dose of tough competition, the Highland games are an excellent choice, with vigorous activities such as tug of war, log throwing and shot put.

company outing team building

At Flitz-Events you are assured of:

– The best team building outings

– Expert guidance and plenty of options

– Years of experience in organizing team building activities

– Always an unforgettable day!

Team building activities at a location of your choice

From our base in centrally located Scheveningen, we offer team building outings Throughout the country. Every day we can be found in various cities. Whether you prefer a bustling city environment, the tranquility of nature or the familiar setting of your own company, we ensure that our team building activities fit seamlessly with the chosen location. With our experience and flexibility, we can realize your ideal team building day at any desired location.

Is it not possible to carry out your chosen activity at your location? Then we will let you know in time. We come up with alternatives or come up with a solution to still organize an unforgettable outing. We can't move an escape room, but with our AR and VR options we can go a long way!

You will discover the best staff outing at Flitz-Events!

Our diverse range of team building activities, the possibility to operate at different locations throughout the Netherlands and our experienced supervisors are ready to offer you and your colleagues an unforgettable and connecting experience.

Contact us today and let us help you plan the perfect staff outing that aligns with your goals and wishes. Together we create a day full of fun, team building and valuable moments!