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Company outing team building

A team building company outing is good for the atmosphere within the team, the department and the entire office. You can have a trip organized by Flitz events in all shapes and sizes. We have a lot of experience with company outings, both for large and small groups. In consultation with you, we put together the perfect day. This can be a half day or several half days, but also a whole day or just an evening. Of course we also like to provide food and drinks during the team building company outing, also on location.

Large choice of company outings team building

What do you want to do? What is the budget, how big is the group and how long does the company outing take? Team building often consists of two parts: collaboration and competition. Many of our outings are competitive, educational and / or focused on collaboration. We organize the team building companies at various locations, both on the coast and in the city. There are fun and pleasant workshops, exciting games and sports activities. On our website you can view all outings, but we are also happy to inform you by telephone about all possibilities. Flitz events has a large network and can, for example, organize very nice dinners in the beach bars on the coast.

Sportive company outings team building

Enjoy working together during a sporty game! Very good for team building, especially if you play in teams. There must be cooperation within the team and because the teams compete against each other, there is also a lot of competition. Sports activities also guarantee lots of fun and laughter. The sporty team building outings are also extensively described on our website. Choose from all kinds of great activities: bubble football (you are in a big bubble!), Farmers beach golf, beach volleyball, a boot camp, shoot out and much more. Do you want to know which company outing best suits your group or team? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We have a lot of experience in organizing such outings and can advise you well about your choice.

Creative outings team building companies

Taking a creative workshop is a great choice if you are looking for an activity team building company. During the workshop you can help each other and admire each other skills. There is 'connection' and it benefits the cooperation. A competitive character can also arise when you work on an end product individually or in small groups. The most beautiful product deserves a price. Our workshops are led by a professional. For example, the painting workshop is led by a real artist. There is a wide choice of creative workshops: a poker workshop, cocktail making workshop, jewelry making, pimp slippers or clogs, build a kite or make sand sculptures. Check our site for this and our other creative team building workshops.

Combine sporty and creative

If you go out a bit longer, you can also combine sporting teambuilding with teambuilding creatively. And of course with fun and good food. If you choose the beach as the location for your outing, you have a huge range of possibilities: following a workshop on the beach or in a beach tent, doing something exciting at sea such as surf rafting or a trip with the powerboat. In between and / or afterwards, enjoy a nice meal in a beach tent and we can even organize a BBQ on the beach. Great fun for team building companies! There is something for everyone, for large and small groups and for all ages. We provide a perfect company outing team building. Also in the city. For example, go on a GPS trip or put your team to the test in an escape room. Also making a boat trip is possible. Do you want to do something fun in the evening? We also organize the best activities for the evenings. Choose the pub quiz, a super fun and exciting quiz that everyone can participate in. Fun and sometimes crazy questions are asked, the whole is led by a quizmaster and you will experience an unforgettable evening. Prefer extensive dining? That is of course also possible.

Favorite: Robinson Experience

One of the most popular team building outings is the Robinson Experience. It is therefore an outing that has everything in it: fun, cooperation, competition and fun. We organize this great fun outing on the coast and you will do all kinds of things: shoot coconuts, a water race, build a mega tower from Jenga, make a fire and other challenging activities. A super suitable outing for team building company, department or project team. Also very nice for bachelor parties and other parties. Afterwards good food, chat and tell strong stories. Would you like to know more about our team outings or need advice? Feel free to contact us.