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Flitz Events Review

Team outing in Katwijk

Organizing a fun team outing in Katwijk? Then you've come to the right place! What could be more fun than combining a fun and warm day at the beach by organizing your team outing in Katwijk. You can imagine this with the activities of Flitz Events your own unique team outing together. But which programs are suitable for this? This is the Flitz Events top 3 of programs that you can participate in with one of your team outings in Katwijk.


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1. Pub quiz; I love Holland

The crazy game program where everything revolves a great general knowledge about everything and anything and of course about typical Dutch things. Flitz Events offers a rich selection of fun, educational and hilariously funny quizzes. Even if you like other game shows, these quizzes are suitable for you and your team. Would you like to play a quiz during the colder months that is also dedicated to this winter time? Then this is also possible. At Flitz Events you can do the so-called Big Winter Quiz with your team, where you feel like you just arrived at the après ski.

Of course, the TV program already has a Sinterklaas special, but with the Grote Winter Quiz this is expanded by also including Christmas, New Year's Eve and everything that has to do with winter. This quiz also features elements from Ik Hou Van Holland, such as the ticking time bomb that you should not have on your lap when it goes off. Just like on TV, these quizzes will not only crack your brain, but also wake you up the next day with a jaw ache from laughing.

2. Who is the Rat?

A game about cooperation, lies, betrayal and people trying to keep you away from a large amount of money. If this is not already standard in your workplace, it may now be the case in Katwijk. You try to collect as many points as possible with your team, but not everyone thinks the same about this. One of your colleagues is the Rat who tries to prevent you from reaching the final with the largest possible prize pool. Points can be earned per part, which the Rat tries to stop as much as possible.

Everyone votes after each part who the Rat is, only in contrast to the program, a team member does not drop out, but you can also collect points with your choice. This is the team outing for the real Mollots, who can unmask the Mole more easily than their colleagues. Can you handle the suspense and find out who is lying all together?

3 Robinson Crusoe

If you thought the trials in Who's the Rat? were difficult, be prepared. In Katwijk, as a team outing, you can also experience the rigors of Robinson Crusoe reenact. Who can survive best on a deserted island? Who can best survive on a scorching hot beach? And who will defy all the tests that are in store for him? The more tests you win with your team, the stronger you are in the game and the more points you have to win in the final.

Team outing in Katwijk Robinson expedition