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Zanzibar Beach club

Zanzibar beach club Scheveningen

Zanzibar Beach Club is located in front of the Kurhaus, next to the Scheveningen pier. With an excellent BBQ, cozy African ambiance and various active and creative workshops, Zanzibar Beach Club has a lot to offer! Zanzibar specializes in providing tailor-made drinks, bbqs and (wedding) parties. A cozy dinner with or without activities, all in an informal atmosphere. We offer an excellent backdrop for a successful company or group outing, where no one will be bored!

The atmosphere at Zanzibar

Company outing BBQ at Zanzibar

The atmosphere at Zanzibar is intimate, casual and accessible to young and old. Our terrace is equipped with luxurious relaxation and sofas, outdoor fireplaces and an African outdoor bar. Zanzibar Beachclub is a snaffle set musically. From early in the morning until late at night we pay a lot of attention to the music. The sultry sounds during the drink or BBQ let you swoon away and after dinner the feet can get off the floor!

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