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  • 25 years of experience
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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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learn to draw graffiti the hague
graffiti children's party the hague
graffiti workshops
  • Tough and innovative
  • Bad weather
  • Professional spray cans
  • Own canvas

Have you always wanted to be the graffiti artist, but couldn't because this is forbidden? Then you've come to the right place at Flitz events, because it's not forbidden here! Let your creativity run wild and create the most beautiful works of art during the graffiti spraying workshop. The most creative outing of the moment! A unique activity, especially for an introduction day for students and pupils, where you get to know each other in a pleasant way in a setting other than school!
Before the real work will begin, a first sketch will be made. We will give a demonstration in which the basic tips and tricks are explained, this will make it easier to convert a sketch into a real graffiti design.

We offer the graffiti workshop at any desired location!

Why the graffiti workshop as a sports day?

The annual introduction day at school, a well-known phenomenon that is welcomed with pleasure by new students every year! Whether you're in elementary school or entering your freshman year of college, it's an exciting moment.
Of course the graffiti workshop is an excellent choice for an introduction day. You get to work with each other's creativity and create unique works of art in a cozy environment. During the workshop there is always room for conversations and getting acquainted. For that reason, the workshop is a unique and above all fun day that makes it possible to start a beautiful and successful school year.

The graffiti workshop is for:

  • Elementary school students
  • High school students
  • MBO/HBO/University students
  • And of course for teachers

Program components:

  • Reception
  • Introduction instructor
  • Sketching & Making Templates
  • To work!
  • Also possible on location


From 10 people€ 30 pp
From 25 people€ 27,50 pp
From 50 people€ 25 pp
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Graffiti Workshop, BBQ, 2 hours Drink Package & 2 Drinks€ 70 pp
Graffiti Workshop, BBQ & 3 Drinks€ 60 pp

Put together your own package!

From € 25 pp
Combine the creative workshop with a catering arrangement!
After the graffiti workshop it is of course possible to chat during an additional drink, lunch or dinner. In principle, everything is possible in consultation! Thanks to our broad network in the Scheveningen region, we can meet all your wishes.
In this way, an introduction day becomes a stomach-filling program full of fun, where getting to know each other and having fun are central.


(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Reception on location
Start workshop
End workshop
Subsequent drink hour
Request BBQ/Dinner


Britt Rietberg
January 31 2023
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Kevin's party was a lot of fun because of the graffiti workshop. The attendant was really helpful! Enough materials and canvas. We could always start over.
Iris Becker
January 31 2023
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Together with my friend I have done many activities in Scheveningen, spraying graffiti on the other hand has never been done. We had a great time and were helped by the expert to make a beautiful canvas.
Adrian Koers
January 31 2023
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Did a graffiti workshop with the gentlemen of the university. Really hilarious to see all the different works of the guests. Also nice plot for a party or other occasions. had a great day!
"After some explanation about the different techniques, spray cans and possibilities, you really get to work. Just spray! Makes a unique piece of art that you can hang at home!"

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What does the introduction day spraying graffiti look like?

In 2 hours you will learn how a real graffiti artist works and you will be amazed by the end results! The workshop is given at the perfect location, namely the beach. It is possible to work alone on your own artwork or with a large group on one large graffiti artwork. Ideal for mutual team building.
Create beautiful wall drawings and unique works of art together with your family, friends or colleagues like real professionals!

Combine the graffiti workshop with another activity!

At Flitz-Events you are at the right address for a wide range of unique activities. After hours of fun spraying graffiti, it is of course also possible to combine another activity. We are able to organize a full-day program entirely according to your wishes.
For example, opt for sportsmanship with the Robinson Experience expedition, or resume the creative day with another workshop, such as making sand sculptures! Everything is possible at Flitz-Events. Feel free to contact us to learn more about combining different activities.

What do you need during the graffiti spraying workshop?

  • Protective clothing or clothing that can get dirty
  • Mouth masks
  • Paint and spray cans
  • A short explanation by a professional
  • And of course: creativity!

Graffiti workshop on location

Of course it is possible to do the workshop in Scheveningen. But we can always divert to any location! Would you like to perform the graffiti workshop at school or at a specific location? No problem! In consultation we discuss the possibilities and we come to the right choice. We are happy to assist you!

What is the graffiti workshop?

An outlet for creativity and expression, graffiti has been a popular art form for decades and continues to grow in popularity. It is a form of street art in which artists express their message on public surfaces, such as walls, by means of spray cans or markers.
Are you interested in graffiti or would you like to learn more about this unique art form? A workshop at Flitz events is the perfect way to do that. You will learn the basics of graffiti, such as composition, choice of color and style, under the guidance of experienced graffiti artists who are happy to share their knowledge and skills with you. During the workshop you can experiment with different spray cans and markers and learn how to develop your own style.
The workshop covers not only practical aspects of graffiti, but also its history and cultural significance. You will learn about the different movements within graffiti art and how they originated. Moreover, attention is also paid to the legislation on graffiti and how you can work responsibly.

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