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Children's party treasure hunt

One of the nicest and most popular children's parties is the scavenger hunt children's party! Together with your friends, you set off in search of the hidden treasure. You will investigate hidden clues and assignments in the Hague Dunes. You can bet it will be an exciting day full of action! An incredibly nice one children's party which will be talked about for a long time.

At Flitz events We organize various treasure hunts for children, regardless of age!

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The best scavenger hunt children's party!

The children go exploring through the Dunes, to track down various riddles and clues. There are also several missions that will eventually lead to the lost treasure! An incredibly exciting and sporty day that is one of the most popular children's parties for a reason. The group size does not matter! We can organize the treasure hunt for up to 20 children! All your friends can join you on a quest for the secret treasure, containing a tasty surprise!

We go out in nature. Good to know when you send the kids out. We therefore recommend that you keep a close eye on the weather, so that the children arrive well dressed for the treasure hunt. Of course we hope for a sunny day, but even if it is a bit less, we can just keep organizing the treasure hunt. Make sure you appear well prepared at the location, so that we can make it an unforgettable day together!

Organize your children's party treasure hunt at Flitz-Events

At Flitz-Events we organize the best treasure hunts for children of all ages. Our most popular treasure hunts are: Treasure hunt children's party 5 years, Treasure hunt children's party 6 years, Treasure hunt children's party 7 years and treasure hunt children's party 8 years. We have a suitable scavenger hunt for every age. We increase the level of the riddles as the average age is older. Because of this we know for sure that every child has a contribution to the search for the treasure.

The treasure hunt will go as follows: We will gather at the agreed place in the dunes. Our guides will then briefly explain to you what the treasure hunt will look like. Then it's your turn to look for clues and riddles, in order to finally find the treasure. Our guides can help when needed. Can't figure it out? Then they will help you get started!

Combine your treasure hunt with a snack or drink

After an energetic and fun day, we understand that the children are ready for something delicious to eat or drink. With us it is therefore always possible to combine the activities with a lunch, dinner or drink afterwards† The children can then chat about the fun day and the challenging riddles and clues. If you would like to combine the treasure hunt with a snack or drink, please indicate this when you request a quote. We then make a tight schedule in which both can be combined.

We invite you to a non-binding quote to organize your next children's party at Flitz-Events!

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