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School trip

The annual school trip is just around the corner. A day that students have been looking forward to for a long time. It is an opportunity for students to come together, have fun outside the school walls and gain new experiences. At Flitz-Events we always provide a unique activity tailored to your school. Whether it concerns an active day at the beach, an educational visit to a historic city, or an adventurous day in nature, we are ready to make your school trip unforgettable. 

School trip ideas

A school trip should be fun, challenging and unforgettable. And where better to find the best school trips than at Flitz-Events! With a wide range of activities, you will always find what you are looking for here. From sporting activities such as power kiting and archery tag, to more educational outings where you make sand sculptures yourself or take an interactive GPS tour through one of the nicest cities in the Netherlands.

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School trip South Holland

Is there a fun school trip near South Holland planned soon? As an experienced events agency, located in central Scheveningen, we can make your school trip in South Holland an unforgettable experience. With numerous exciting activities and interesting sights in the region, we offer a wide range of options to meet the needs of your school and students. Whether it concerns a day full of adventure on the beach of Scheveningen, an educational outing to historical locations in The Hague, or a combination of both, we are ready to make your school trip a success.

School trip Rotterdam

A popular location in South Holland is of course Rotterdam. The Maas city is the perfect one 

destination for a school trip full of discoveries and adventures. With its impressive skyline, bustling harbor and various attractions, Rotterdam offers something for everyone. At Flitz-Events we can put together a varied program on location that perfectly matches the interests and age of your students. Let us make your school trip to Rotterdam an unforgettable experience!

Why a school trip at Flitz-Events

  • Extensive range of unique activities
  • Flexibility in programs and locations
  • Safety always comes first
  • A unique day full of fun and togetherness is guaranteed

Cheap school trips

For schools on a limited budget, there are plenty of options for cheap school trips. At Flitz-Events there are numerous activities available at affordable prices, so that every class can enjoy a fantastic school outing without breaking the bank. Our affordable options include a range of fun and educational activities suitable for different age groups, allowing everyone to participate and have fun.

You can find fun school trips at Flitz-Events

At Flitz-Events you will find a wide range of fun school trips that guarantee an unforgettable day full of adventure and fun. From active outdoor activities to creative workshops and exciting team building games, there is something for everyone. Our experienced team is ready to put together a tailor-made program that perfectly matches the interests and needs of your students. With our professional guidance and excellent facilities, the school trip will be an experience you will never forget!

Active school trip

From the six-camp to Robinson Crusoe and from power kiting to mega tower building, we provide an active day where you can work together on great activities. At Flitz-Events, fun and exercise are central during our active school trip. Our experienced instructors will guide you through every challenge, so you not only have fun, but also work together and develop new skills.What do you take with you on a school trip?

  1. Packed lunch and snacks: Provide plenty of food and drink for all students, including healthy snacks and water to stay hydrated.
  2. First aid kit: Bring a small first aid kit for emergencies, with bandages, disinfectant, painkillers, and other basic supplies.
  3. Identification and contact details: Please ensure that all students have identification and contact details for their supervisors.
  4. Directions and map: Bring directions and a map of the destination so you don't get lost.

The best school trip games

You have also come to the right place for a wide range of fun games during school trips. From classic games such as sack races and tug-of-war to exciting team building activities such as building a raft or an obstacle course, we have everything to make the school trip unforgettable!

Organizing a school trip? 

Organizing a school trip can be a fun, but also challenging task for teachers. Here are a few steps teachers can follow to organize a successful field trip:

  1. Determine the purpose and destination: Consider the educational purpose of the school trip and choose an appropriate destination that fits this. Also discuss this with colleagues and school leaders.
  2. Draw up a budget: Determine the available budget for the school trip and take this into account when planning activities, transportation and other costs.
  3. Choose the date and arrange transport: Select a suitable date for the school trip and arrange transportation to the destination. This can vary from renting a bus to organizing carpooling.
  4. Plan the activities: Think about what activities you want to organize during the school trip. These can be educational excursions, cultural visits, sporting activities or workshops.
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