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School camp

Always party and fun during the annual school camp, where classmates come together for a great afternoon full of adventurous activities and fun. At Flitz-Events we turn the school camp into an unforgettable experience with a wide range of exciting and challenging activities. From team building games to sporting challenges and creative workshops, there is something for everyone. Our experienced instructors are ready to give students a fantastic time and strengthen the bond between classmates.

School camp activities

Looking for fun activities for camp? Then look no further. You've come to the right place at Flitz-Events! We offer a wide range of activities that are perfect for an unforgettable school camp. From traditional old Dutch games such as sack races, tug of war and nail pooping to exciting and challenging activities such as archery tag, bubble football and beach volleyball.

At camp with school is a unique day together with your classmates. Of course, that includes fun activities.

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School camp first grade

Always an unforgettable start to your first year of high school with Flitz-Events! We understand better than anyone the tension of the first days of secondary school, and that is why we provide a fantastic school camp for the first year of secondary school. With fun activities that are perfectly tailored to this new phase in the students' lives, we create an atmosphere of adventure, cooperation and fun.

But why is a school camp for first graders so important? It is extremely important because it provides a unique opportunity for students to get to know each other better, form friendships and develop a sense of belonging. It also helps them get used to the new environment of high school and feel more comfortable in a new social setting. 

School camp tips: 

  • Ensure proper preparation and planning of the school camp, including drawing up a detailed script.
  • Involve the students in the planning and let them think about the activities they would like to do.
  • Provide adequate guidance and supervision during the camp to ensure the safety of the students.
  • Choose activities that are appropriate for the age and interests of the students, and provide a variety between active and quiet activities.

Organizing a school camp?

Organizing a school camp takes some planning, but the results are definitely worth it. Start by determining the date and location of the camp. Make sure that the accommodation is suitable for the number of participants and that there are sufficient facilities. Then draw up a program with varied activities, such as games, sports, and educational workshops. Don't forget to schedule time for rest and relaxation as well.

At Flitz-Events we are ready to help you organize an unforgettable school camp! We offer a wide range of activities perfect for a school camp, from exciting games to team building activities and adventure workshops. Our experienced team can advise you in drawing up a program that meets the wishes and needs of your group.

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