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Frequently asked questions

Who are the activities / outings for?

Adults, children's party, families, bachelors, school en company outing we can offer a completely suitable program.


All activities are supervised by professional instructors who work according to the standards of the IKO / (H) ALO. This way your safety is fully guaranteed. They are trained and are familiar with any risks that the activities entail.

Do I have to book in advance? And what are the opening times?

We are a company that is only open by appointment. We do not have fixed opening times. In good consultation we can open especially for you at any time of the week. We prefer: to book at least a week in advance, in connection with our planning.

Confirmation form?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with the instructor's telephone number, the route description and everything you need to bring with you.

Do I receive an invoice afterwards or do I have to pay in advance?

It is not possible to pay as an individual by invoice. You do not have to pay in advance. Because the group size often varies a lot, payment is made at the end of the day. The number of people must be definitively communicated 7 days in advance. As a company or institution you will receive the invoice after the activities by post or email.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

What you need to take with you on this day is pretty little, except a good mood of course. We advise you to put on comfortable shoes and clothing and to bring sunglasses. We stand in the sand with our bare feet, but of course there can be sharp objects in the sand. You should take this into account.

What do we do when the weather is bad?

You must contact us 2 days in advance to discuss a few things. You can reach us at the following telephone number: 0647037110
In this conversation we indicate what the weather forecast is. We do NOT have the weather in our own hands and since we want to give you a fantastic day, it is important that the weather conditions are good. At the moment that an outdoor activity is chosen, an alternative indoor activity in the same price range can be chosen in consultation, in bad weather.

Do you have any questions? You can always contact us.