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Outdoor activities

outdoor activities
outdoor activities

If you organize an outing, you prefer to do this with good weather and therefore also preferably outside. Fortunately, you will therefore find a wide range of outdoor activities at Flitz Events, which are suitable for any type of outing and any type of group. Whether creative workshops, sports activities or explorations. All activities are located in South Holland, a province with a lot of beach. An ideal location to organize a fun outing. You will find outdoor activities in several places in South Holland, including the place with the kilometer-long beach: Scheveningen. But also in Zandvoort, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland you can do fun activities on the beach or other places outside. This way you not only enjoy the activity, but also the nice weather. In the meantime, you will also become brown.

Outdoor Activities on the Beach

When you think of South Holland you quickly think of the beach, also Flitz Events. That is why you can do many activities on the beach. Think for example of sports activities such as powerkiting of Blokarting. But also creative activities such as painting and Spraying graffiti organizes Flitz Events on the beach. This way you can enjoy the activity and the sand under your feet. If the weather is nice, you can easily dive into the sea before or after the activity for some refreshment. It is also possible to beach volleyball or play golf on the beach. You can also go for the Robinson Crusoe Experience, where you have to do tests to escape the cannibals on the beach. Or can you go for a real one Beachcamp, where you compete in teams in certain areas. You can choose these parts yourself, so that you can tailor the activity to the group. There are many more fun outdoor activities on the beach.

On a voyage of discovery

It is also possible to opt for a discovery tour through a city. That way you are nice outside and you can still see some of the surroundings. For example, you can choose one GPS tour in Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland or Kijkduin. You will be dropped in one of these cities with an iPad and coordinates. On your iPad you receive commands that you have to perform. In the end you will end up at the final destination. If you are with multiple teams, you compete against each other and see who is the fastest at the final destination. The GPS tour consists of many team building assignments. You will only find the final destination by working together. You can also choose one of the various City Games, which you can run in Scheveningen and The Hague, among others. You walk through the city and meanwhile carry out assignments. You earn money for the pot with a well-executed assignment and lose money if you do not know how to carry out the assignment properly or need a hint. This way you have different storylines, so you can choose which story best suits your group. Here again, cooperation is decisive for a good outcome.

Creative outdoor activities

You can also perform many creative activities of Flitz Events outside, including Paint en graffiti spray on the beach. But it is also possible to follow a mega kite building workshop, where you try together to build a kite that can take to the air. You can build a large kite with a group, but you can also build a kite for yourself. You can also choose to make sand sculptures as an outdoor activity. You work together on a true work of art, of which you determine the theme in advance. Then you can compete in teams and determine afterwards who made the most beautiful sand sculpture. You can also go to the beach pimping slippers and go home with a beautiful and unique pair of slippers.

Bad weather scenario

So you have a wide range of outdoor activities at Flitz Events that you can choose from. And so you do not have to make concessions if you would like to organize outside your outing. You have enough choice between creative, active and special activities. You can also opt for outdoor activities with a collaborative aspect or specifically go for an activity on the beach. There are different types of locations in South Holland where you can do the outdoor activities. So you decide which outdoor activity you want to do and at which location. It is also possible to have a nice bite to eat or drink together, for example at a beach tent nearby. Or go for a barbecue. This way you also have an outdoor meal in addition to your outdoor activity. The outdoor activities take into account the weather conditions. With a little rain the beach activities continue and it may be that a shower is awaited. If it rains really hard then it is possible to have an indoor activity at hand. But it is best to start from good weather and a nice day with a fun outdoor activity.

Activities Netherlands

If you are looking for fun activities in the Netherlands, you will soon find Flitz Events. Here you have a wide range of activities in South Holland. The distances in the Netherlands are very small and you will find the best activities in the Netherlands here. If you find it too far, you can always choose to book an overnight stay nearby. This way you ensure the best outing and you will certainly have a successful day.

Top 3 Outdoor Activities in The Hague

Top 3 Summer Activities on the beach of The Hague:

Robinson Crusoe (Our most popular program!)

???? Kiting / Powerkiting (For everyone accessible)

⚽ Hexathlon / Beach games (For an original outing tailored for your entire day)

Top 3 Winter outdoor Activities in The Hague

1️⃣ Winter wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Games! Super Jolig)

2️⃣Kiting / Powerkiting (Sociability & fight with a drink)

3️⃣ Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

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