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Fun activities

Fun Activities, The Hague
Fun Activities, The Hague

If you are looking for an outing with family, friends, colleagues or children then you are looking for fun activities. At Flitz Events you have a very wide range of fun activities to do. Here you will find original, creative, special and sports activities. The activities can be done in various places in South Holland, so that you can also find the ideal location. There is always a fun activity that everyone likes to do. This way you ensure that everyone has a nice day and goes home with a satisfied feeling.

Original Activities

The best activities to do are of course the original activities. You want something to talk about. An activity that can definitely pass for an original activity is the workshop making ice sculptures. It is a craftsmanship that only a small group controls worldwide. Learn from professional instructors how to turn a block of ice into a true work of art. Do it alone or do it together and create an original image. Ideal for winter. Another original activity is Archery attack. It's a kind of paintball, but with a bow and arrow. The arrows have foam tops, so you can safely shoot at each other. The face is protected with masks. Teams compete against each other and you have to hit the opponents and their target. An original and sporty activity.

Creative activities

You are also at the right place at Flitz Events for creative activities. Think for example of one workshop pimping slippers or a spray graffiti workshop. You can let your creativity run wild and see how much talent you have. You can also bring those talents to the fore in other creative activities, such as one workshop making cocktails or a painting workshop. For a creative and original activity, choose the graffiti spraying workshop. Normally illegal, but this way you have the chance to do it once legally. Make a true work of art on the canvas together or alone. How many people can say that they have (legally) sprayed graffiti? In addition, the creative activities also ensure that you have something beautiful to take home. Except during the workshop making cocktails. Hopefully it will be finished when it is time to go home.

Special activities

Flitz Events has many more special and fun activities to choose from. For example, choose the special activity make sand sculptures. Who knows, you may have tried it on the beach before, but chances are it didn't get as beautiful as you sometimes see with artists. At Flitz Events you learn how to make a sand sculpture of professionals, which gives you a greater chance of success. Be imaginative and create something unique and special. Another special activity is the Robinson Crusoe Experience, where you have to stay out of the hands of cannibals by means of tests. People will probably be surprised if you tell them that you have escaped cannibals. You also have the winter games, where you imagine yourself in a beautiful ski village. Ideal if a winter sport turns out to be too expensive. Do all kinds of winter activities and who knows you may be the Après-ski king or queen at the end of the evening.

Sports activities

If you like the sporting activities then you also have a wide choice at Flitz Events. For example, choose to learn powerkiting and let a kite pull you over the beach. Or go for it blokart and do this while in a car. And so there are many more sports activities. What did you think about beach farmer golf? Playing golf, but on the beach. A very fun and special activity. Or go for it bubble football, where you have to hit not only the ball, but also the opponent. Activities that are all slightly different. Sports, but very special and unique.

Fun, special and original activities in South Holland

So if you are looking for fun activities then you should go to Flitz Events. Whatever you are looking for, you will find original and special activities throughout South Holland. Whether you are looking for a sporting activity or would like to do an activity on the beach. Often there are also wishes to combine and you can also choose from sports activities on the beach. View all possibilities for fun activities and request a quote without obligation. Choose an outing with an activity that is slightly different, so that it makes your day that little bit more special.