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Boat rally The Hague

Something different than just enjoying the water? Challenge yourself and take on the boat race challenge!
Get on board, experience the nicest and most relaxed puzzle race that exists! A summer arrangement par excellence, full of teambuilding, boating, originality, relaxation and culinary enjoyment. Boat race The Hague is the trip that you must have done!

Program Sloepenrally

Upon arrival at the canals of The Hague, it soon turns out that a challenge is ahead. Especially when it appears that you are equipped per team with a sloop, skipper, a map and accompanying game material. After a clear explanation there is only one 1 assignment: Hop, in the boat and sail! How does your team complete all assignments and earn the much needed points on the water? Many means are permitted for this.

During the extremely relaxed boat rally you will be challenged with various different assignments. The assignments vary from some knowledge questions about the beautiful city of The Hague, to the most creative photo of the day!

Your skipper will judge the most creative photos and questions, think out of the box and ensure that your team with the most points goes home. Do you already have a nice story ready for our skipper? The better your story, the more points you can earn and that's what it's all about!

Interested in the possibilities of our boat race?
ask about the possibilities and we will ensure that your day is taken care of to perfection.

An additional activity after the boat race? We have several options available for you.

Optional example timetable:

13: 00-13: 30 Reception on location + explanation
13: 30-15: 00 Sloopsrace!
15: 00-15: 30 End of the Boat Race

Boat rally The Hague:

Give your boat an extra boost with this challenging race! We sail through the city center of The Hague in various boats to explore the city from the water. During this trip team building and creativity is the Key, by working together you can link all assignments together and thus go home with the winnings! There will be a long talk about this wonderfully relaxing puzzle race.


  1. Filled fridge unlimited during the trip (beer, wine and soft drinks)
  2. Bitter garnishes from € 2,50 per person
  3. Cruising time extension from € 30 per half hour.

Extra activity, for example our Robinson Crusoe experience

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