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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
Flitz Events Review
drinks boat The Hague, picnic boat The Hague Bachelor party
Rondvaart Den Haag
Team outings Canal Cruise The Hague
Party boat The Hague
  • Boat with toilet
  • Drinks possible
  • Own music possible
  • Flexible pick-up place

With a cozy picnic boat The Hague through the canals of the Hofstad? It's possible, at Flitz-Events! During this unique and pleasant cruise you will get to know the historic city in a completely new way. Recognize unique places, discover the old canals and admire the monumental sights during the The Hague cruise. Enjoy together with the people you love.

This picnic boat is so unique, because you can put together what will be eaten and drunk on board. The possibilities are endless and we are happy to think along with you to put together the perfect package for you. The trip is suitable for 12 people and of course it is possible to sail with several boats. Discover the canals of The Hague during the unique, 2-hour cruise with the Picknickboot.

The advantages of the Picnic boat The Hague


Boat up to 12 people€ 250, -
Boat up to 24 people€ 500, -
Boat up to 36 people€ 750, -
Boat up to 48 people€ 1.000, -
Every subsequent half hour50,- per boat
Full refrigerator€ 200 per boat
Drinks€ 3,50 per drink
Drink snack€ 5 per person
* All our prices are incl. VAT!



Monica Carpenter
November 18 2021
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Yesterday I did a wonderful 12-hour cruise through The Hague with 2 ladies; friendly skipper, music in the background, toilet on board, freezer with ice cubes for all our snacks; in short: a super experience on a very nice boat that we will definitely repeat
Suzanne Veenhuizen
November 18 2021
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A beautiful route through The Hague. Everything you need on board and the skipper was fantastic. Highly recommended!
November 18 2021
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It was very nice, nice to sail through the city! The captain was really a mood maker, would go again in a bit :) Highly recommended!
"Experience The Hague from the water during a cruise on one of our luxury boats!"

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long will the trip take?
    The boat trip takes 2 hours.
  • Is food and drink arranged?
    Yes! We go through everything with you in advance. You can then choose which drink you want to have present. You can also say what preference you have in terms of snacks.
  • Are allergies taken into account?
    Secure! If you indicate this to us in advance, we will take it into account.

The picnic boat The Hague of the Netherlands

A picnic boat The Hague through the canals of The Hague guarantees an afternoon of enjoyment. While enjoying a delicious drink you will sail past various nice sights. Do not panic! There's plenty on board. The boat is filled with snacks and drinks in advance, so that you can easily get through the 2 hours.

If you wish, it is possible to combine the boat trip with a tour of the city. An experienced guide will take you through the history of The Hague. That way you also learn something!

picnic boat The Hague custom?

Flitz events has more to offer. How about a fully catered outing in The Hague? We have a wide range of various packages and activities in The Hague. After a wonderful boat trip through The Hague, you resume the day program with another activity.

An example: You enjoyed a wonderful day on the water. After mooring, you will walk together to a restaurant for a delicious lunch, after which the program will resume with a GPS tour. Here you go walking through the streets of The Hague. Discover the beautiful sights of the city here: from the second chamber to the Lange Voorhout, and from the square to the famous passage.

The best sights in The Hague

  • The courtyard;
  • Noordeinde Palace;
  • Mauritshuis;
  • Peace Palace;
  • The many museums.

Get to know The Hague

What is the difference between a Hageneese and a Hagenaar? Why is the stork in the city shield? Why is the Lange Voorhout so wide? During the boat trip you will be taken along the history of the city. Although not everything can be reached by boat, the guide will teach you what can be found in the Hofstad.

The different drink boats

The picnic boat

The picnic boat The Hague is a very nice way to get to know the city of The Hague. During the cruise you will be treated to a delicious picnic, including delicious drinks and good food.

The drink boat

The drink boat is similar to the picnic boat, except that the snacks and drinks then consist of snacks and alcoholic beverages. A true party on the boat.

The party boat

A party, but next level. The party boat is very cozy and atmospheric. Often there is a nice theme attached to it.

The classic cruise

The classic cruise is a bit more relaxed. A guide takes you along the city. He will teach you everything about the city of The Hague.

Choose Flitz Events

At Flitz-Events, quality and personal attention are paramount. Together we discuss the wishes to ensure that the boat trip is arranged entirely according to your wishes. Indicate the number of people, the desired date and the desired time. When this place is free for you, we will of course schedule it. Then you indicate what kind of drink should be present for the picnic boat The Hague. You can choose between: Beer, wine, soft drinks or water. You can also name your preferences for the snacks.

When everything is arranged, we would like to welcome you at a location to be discussed, where you will board the boat. There follows a brief explanation of the boat trip and a few rules are discussed with you. The boat trip will then start and you will be taken along numerous special places in the famous royal city. Get to know the political history of The Hague during a unique cruise. Flitz Events is ready for you.

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