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Rondvaart Den Haag

Enjoy sailing through the canals of The Hague on a canal cruise or group tour! Do you have something to celebrate, a wedding, birthday, staff outing or another special occasion? Then this is the perfect day out!

Drinks boat during a boat trip in The Hague

Step aboard one of the boats from Flitz events that will take you on a cruise to the most beautiful places in The Hague.

The boat, also called "the Roasted Peanut", is originally a lifeboat. This lifeboat has been converted into a luxury sloop that can easily accommodate 20 people!

Boat trip The Hague

The experienced guides from Flitz events will show you all the secret and surprising corners of this atmospheric city. During this cruise we sail through different and unique neighborhoods of The Hague and, for example, around the old defensive canal. Examples of beautiful and unforgettable moments that you will experience are cruising around the heart of The Hague and Scheveningen.

This cruise will be concluded with a snack and a drink. The duration of this cruise is between 1,5 and 2 hours.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help! We will see you soon at one of our cruises.

Boat trip facilities

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Our boats are equipped with:

  • Music Installation
  • WC
  • Crane
  • Bluetooth for your own music
  • Cool boxes

Drinks boat The Hague Prices:

  • Drinks boat up to and including 12 persons € 200
  • Drinks boat up to and including 24 persons € 350
  • 24 + people ask for the quote
    Every next half hour € 50 per boat

Choose one of our cruises in The Hague:

A customized canal cruise in The Hague?

Flitz events has more to offer. How about a fully catered outing in The Hague? Flitz events has a wide range, from private lessons to group packages, for children and adults. We also organize tailor-made events, where you determine the content of the day program yourself.

  • Together we put together your cruise.
  • Flitz events can use multiple boats for larger groups.
  • Combination packages.
  • Choose your own boarding location and end location.

Flitz events can offer you all this! The professionally trained supervisors will make it an unforgettable day! If you have something to celebrate, have a special occasion such as a wedding, birthday, staff party, this is the perfect day out. The Hague is the international city of peace and justice.

Route cruise The Hague

You get to know The Hague well by being able to see all the neighborhoods of The Hague up close, where you and the group can experience all the spectacles of this beautiful city. Each neighborhood has something unique to offer, which makes this outing extra exciting.

During the cruise you will sail around the old defensive canal of The Hague.

Examples of beautiful and unforgettable moments that you will experience are cruising along the heart of the center of The Hague, Scheveningen seaside resort, Port office, Willemspark and the New Center.

While enjoying a snack and drink, this tour is concluded at the start and also at the end of the destination.

The duration of this tour is between the 1,5 and 2 hours.

We will see you soon at one of our cruises and boat trips

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Cruise on the Roasted Peanut

Last summer, the special sloop went into the water. Due to its size and striking shape, the boat attracts attention from a great distance. The story of the Roasted Peanut.

The Roasted Peanut has a striking shape which attracts attention from a great distance. The striking peanut shape is because it was originally a lifeboat. The lifeboat was from a fishing boat (Johanna Maria). The fishing boat caught fire during a maintenance in Scheveningen. Hence the name Roasted Peanut. A lot of wood is used in the sloop, which is finished tightly. In addition, benches with storage space have been created around which you can enjoy the view! 12 people can easily fit in the sloop. of course it is possible to sail with several boats. The sloop is also equipped with a toilet with sink. Would you like to take a refreshing dip? This is possible because the sloop has a swim platform with a swim ladder! To get the relaxed atmosphere, a solid stereo system with bluetooth has been placed. In addition, the sloop naturally includes a large refrigerator!

Rondvaart Den Haag

Are you looking for a fun and pleasant activity in the The Hague region, then consider a cruise around The Hague. A nice outing for all kinds of events: a family party, a staff outing or as a bachelor party. During the cruise you will see the most beautiful places in The Hague and along the way you can enjoy a snack and drink. Choose from pleasant sailing and eating, do a puzzle tour during the sloop rally or combine a tour of The Hague with other activities. During the trip you can eat your own food and drinks, but you can also get a fully catered meal. Just what you want. Look on the website for the various packages or contact us for a trip that is fully tailored to your own wishes.

Beautiful The Hague from the water

The Hague is a very beautiful city and you can clearly see it from the water. During the cruise you will sail through the old canals and you will pass all kinds of unique places. For groups of up to 12 people there is a boat rally and for larger groups a drink boat. By the way, on the cocktail boat you can not only have a drink but also excellent food. A tour of The Hague through the center takes you past well-known and less well-known places: the central station, the Malieveld, the Escher Palace and past Noordeinde Palace. You can also sail all the way from the center of The Hague to Scheveningen and enjoy an activity on the beach there. Or on the water of the North Sea.

Cruise The Hague to Scheveningen

Two in one: The Hague and Scheveningen, city and beach. Once in Scheveningen you can combine your boat trip with another fun activity. On the beach there is a lot to do in the sporting, adventurous and creative field. Flitz events organizes the best activities, from extremely sporty to creative, adventurous and always super fun. A few examples of fun activities on and at the beach in Scheveningen: kiting and surf surfing (super exciting!), Surf rafting, Robinson Crusoe Experience and beach volleyball. There are also all kinds of creative workshops to follow, always under the guidance of a professional. This way, you can turn your The Hague cruise into a very special trip. You can also be locked up in an escape room and then find the way out together. Very nice as a team building outing.

Super fun workshops, exciting outings

Combine your boat trip The Hague with a super fun workshop in Scheveningen. You can learn to build a kite and then fly a kite, make a photo puzzle, learn to make jewelry or attend a poker workshop. The choice is very large and very varied, something for everyone. Make sand sculptures, learn to shake cocktails or go pimp cozy slippers. We organize the best workshops in Scheveningen and other locations on the beach such as Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland.
Do you want more excitement? Then look at the more sporting activities. Branding rafting and kiting, for example, or combine your cruise in The Hague with a blood-curdling trip on the North Sea in a powerboat. The Robinson Crusoe Experience is a true experience on the beach. You will do all sorts of things: draw a liana, walk an obstacle course, shoot coconuts, make a fire and build a high tower from Jenga. The Robinson experience is also ideally suited as a team building activity and fun for bachelor parties.

The boat rally as a tour of The Hague

With "The Roasted Peanut" you can experience a real boat rally. This converted lifeboat has comfortable seating areas and can accommodate 12 people. The boat rally is a puzzle tour and is full of excitement. The skipper is also game leader and jury. During the tour through the canals of The Hague, the participants must answer all kinds of questions. The answers can often be found in clues that you encounter during the trip, so keep an eye out! Very nice as a bachelor party, staff party or just as a fun activity for a group of friends.

Good food on the cocktail boat

We provide the most delicious snacks and dishes on the road. Cozy together and enjoy a pizza, delicious sushi or a full 3-course dinner. It is also possible to only organize snacks for drinks. You can also bring your own food. Do you want to bring your own drinks during the boat trip? You can then reserve an ice-cooled refrigerator with us to keep your drinks nice and cool. The cocktail boat is super fun for larger groups, for a family party, a bachelor party or as a getaway during a wedding.

Knowing more? Contact us for non-binding information about a tour of The Hague and Scheveningen. We also organize the cruise on other places in the Netherlands and can effortlessly combine your outing with other activities and good food and drinks.