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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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power kiting Scheveningen
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  • Ultimate Beach Experience
  • Safety and Professionalism
  • Flexible Arrangements

Look for the ultimate challenge during a fantastic afternoon of power kiting on the beach of Scheveningen. Feel the power of the wind in your hands as you fly a nasawing or mattress kite and get carried away by the adrenaline of this spectacular beach activity. We teach you to fly the special kites in a safe way and ensure that you can do the coolest tricks!
Are you thinking of Scheveningen? Then you think of the beach, fun and views. And now let it all come together during a unique afternoon of power kiting. Experience it yourself!

Power kiting: The best outing along the coast!

It is not without reason that power kiting is one of our most popular outings along the coast. Especially if you are a lover of the beach, nature and a bit of sportsmanship, this experience should not be missing from your list of must-do activities. Whether you are an experienced power kiter or are getting started with nasawing for the first time, we guarantee an unforgettable afternoon in Scheveningen. We teach everyone how to power kite in approximately 2 hours.

Power kiting parts Scheveningen

  • Safety rules around power kiting
  • Theoretically well-founded power kite clinic
  • How to control the power kite
  • Nice power kite tricks
  • Powerful kites
  • Making big and far jumps
  • Large and small kites, for all levels
  • Try different sizes


From 10 people€ 25 pp
From 25 people€ 22,50 pp
From 50 people€ 20 pp
From 100 people€ 17,50 pp
More than 100 personsRequest a quote
* All our prices are incl. VAT!


Power kiting + BBQ + 3 drinks€ 50 pp
Power kiting + Sand sculptures€ 50 pp

Combine power kiting with other beach activities in Scheveningen

From € 17.50 pp
In addition to power kiting, we offer many other beach activities in Scheveningen and Kijkduin. How about, for example, the sand sculpture workshop? Or opt for more sportiness with the Robinson Crusoe Experience! Everything is possible, and that characterizes the flexibility of Flitz-Events.
Create your own package at Flitz-Events. From just €15 pp you are assured of an unforgettable afternoon with friends, colleagues or family. Inquire about the possibilities.


(The times can be adjusted as desired)

Collect on location
Start kite flying / power kiting
Introduction + extensive explanation
Kiting / Powerkiting
End of Power kiting
Followed by snack and drink
Launch barbeque
End of program


Mark Hilhorst
February 8 2024
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An unforgettable afternoon full of adrenaline and adventure! Power kiting at Flitz-Events in Scheveningen is highly recommended. The professional instructors provided a safe and challenging experience. We enjoyed it immensely and will definitely come back!
Sarah Siereveld
February 8 2024
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For a team building activity we chose power kiting in Scheveningen, and what a great choice that turned out to be! Not only was it fun and exciting, but also a fantastic way to build team spirit. Thanks to the Flitz-Events team for this unique experience!
Lisa Geboers
February 8 2024
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Power kiting at Flitz-Events was a great experience for my children's party! The instructors were patient and helpful, and the children really enjoyed flying kites on the beach. A perfect mix of fun and adventure!
"Power kiting in Scheveningen is an absolute must-do for your next company outing, children's party or bachelor party!"

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Frequently asked questions about power kiting Kijkduin / Scheveningen

  • What is power kiting exactly?
    Power kiting is a kind of kite flying, but with much more challenge. It can be quite spectacular. A bit of wind can even cause you to go up into the air a little so that you can make jumps Or let yourself be pulled over the beach.
  • Is power kiting suitable for everyone?
    Yes, anyone can power kite because you decide what kind of kite you want to fly with. After a brief explanation by a professional instructor, you can get started safely. You will learn the correct techniques, receive tips and tricks and there will be consultation about which power kite is best for you to fly a kite with.
  • How should I prepare for power kiting?
    -Dress appropriately, wear sporty clothing -If the sun is shining, we recommend bringing sunscreen -Drink enough water before and during the sporting activity
  • Is kite flying also suitable for children's parties?
    Kite flying is great fun and certainly suitable for children's parties. There are all kinds of kite sizes available: from regular to large mattresses, so there is a suitable kite for every child. By offering professional guidance we can guarantee the safety of everyone.
  • What exactly are we going to do in Scheveningen?
    You come with a minimum of 2 people to the beach for power kiting. The instructor first tells you the basic principles of power kiting. Then you start with a Nasawing or mattress and learn tips and tricks. If you have your powerkite under control, you can start making jumps.
  • What to do when it rains or is bad weather?
    At Flitz-Events we have the flexibility to offer a suitable solution even in rain or bad weather, so that your power kiting experience does not fall into the water. Our professional instructors closely monitor the weather forecast and will make any necessary adjustments if necessary to ensure your day of action and adventure is not affected by weather conditions.

Why power kiting in Scheveningen?

Scheveningen guarantees fun. From the attractive boulevard to the cozy beach bars and from the pier to the vibrant activities on the beach, there is always something to do. It is one of the best outings that provides an unforgettable experience in both summer and winter. Especially when there is a lot of wind, power kiting in Scheveningen is an absolute must!

Our professional instructors will tell you everything about power kiting. From the basic techniques to unique tricks. This way you will not only learn how to control the powerful kite, but you will also discover the exciting world of advanced kite moves and spectacular stunts.

Request a no-obligation quote immediately!

Parts of power kiting on the beach of Scheveningen

  • Safety rules around power kiting
  • Theoretically well-founded power kite clinic
  • How to control the power kite
  • Nice power kite tricks
  • Powerful kites
  • Making big and far jumps
  • Large and small kites, for all levels
  • Try different sizes

What is power kiting?

Powerkiting Scheveningen-2

powerkiting is a sporting activity that has gained enormous popularity in recent years. The challenging combination of weather and wind makes it an activity that gets the adrenaline flowing. With power kiting you also use advanced kites Nasawings and mattresses, which are designed to make optimal use of the power of the wind.

The essence of power kiting lies in piloting these powerful kites on the beautiful beach of Scheveningen. It is not only a chance to brave the elements, but also a unique opportunity to learn to surf the wind. Whether you are a beginner looking to master the basic principles or an experienced kite flyer looking for new challenges, power kiting offers something for everyone.

Power kiting for young and old!

The unique thing about power kiting? It's for every age! Novice power kiters receive a small kite with which they learn the basics of the sport. Only when our instructor sees that you have full control over the aftersawing during the power kite lessons will you be challenged to switch to a large kite. This gradual build-up ensures that both children and adults can grow at their own pace in this challenging activity. We have nasawings and mattresses in all shapes and sizes, suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

For the younger participants, power kiting offers a great opportunity to learn about wind power, coordination and of course to have fun on the beach. Our instructors are experienced in working with children and provide a safe, educational and fun environment.

Power kiting on a company outing?

Did you know that power kiting is a real team building activity? A company outing to the beach of Scheveningen for a power kiting session goes much further than just having fun. It is a unique way to strengthen team spirit and take collaboration within your team to a higher level.

You can easily add a competition element while power kiting. For example, who makes the highest jump? And who will jump the furthest? There is also the possibility of organizing a slep competition on the beach. We often recommend this because it adds an extra dimension to an already exciting activity.

After power kiting there is plenty of opportunity to have a drink and talk about the unique afternoon on the beach. And that makes it a true team building beach activity that brings employees closer together.

Want to combine kiting in Scheveningen with a final drink?

At Flitz-Events we have close collaborations with various beach bars and restaurants along the coast of Scheveningen. This allows us to seamlessly integrate your power kite experience with a cozy and atmospheric closing drink, directly on the beach.

In addition to a drink, we can also combine a complete BBQ or an a la carte dinner with power kiting. Everything to create a unique experience that goes beyond the adrenaline of the beach adventure.

Flexibility is our number one priority. Regardless of the location and the packages you choose, we strive to meet all your wishes.

Power kiting in Scheveningen at Flitz-Events

  • Professional instructor on location
  • Safety first, always
  • High-quality and safe power kites
  • From smaller kites to a large power kite, for all levels
  • Can be combined with several activities in Scheveningen

Want to know more about power kiting in Scheveningen?

Would you like to come power kiting along the coast of Scheveningen soon? We are happy to assist you! Our enthusiastic instructors take you into the world of power kiting and offer an unforgettable experience on the beautiful Dutch coast. Whether you are new to this exciting sport or want to hone your skills, we have the knowledge and passion to guide you.

We always work with the latest power kites to guarantee the ultimate challenge and fun. Choose quality and fun when you go power kiting, choose Flitz-Events!

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