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Powerkiten Scheveningen

"Powerkiting Scheveningen the ultimate challenge!"

Powerkiten Scheveningen is a nice day at the beach of Scheveningen. Powerkiting Scheveningen is the ultimate challenge for everyone who loves the beach and wind. Nasawings and mattresses of all shapes and sizes are used. We teach you the special kites in a safe way and of course we teach you a lot of fun tricks! We have the kites in all shapes and sizes. Small kites for people who want to relax. And bigger for people who go for the extreme and want to experience the power of the wind for themselves. Everyone can decide with which kite he or she wants to fly a kite. Powerkiting Scheveningen? In these 2 hours we teach everyone power kiting on the beach of Scheveningen!

Once you have the power kite under control, we can even try to make a leap! Or would you prefer some competition, a competition for dragging along the beach against your colleague! Do you prefer kiting on technology? Test how good your technique is with certain game forms. Who makes the biggest jump or who reaches the finish first by dragging?

You can determine yourself at which location you want to fly kites / power kites. We can work on location and our fixed location for kite flying and power kiting is Scheveningen, Kijkduin en Hoek van Holland.

Scheveningen power kiting program:

Power kiting at Scheveningen is of course very safe and made suitable for everyone. It is safe because we use professional supervisors for power kiting and take a good look at which power kite suits you best. You are not at any risk because you always get safe and good material. You will also get all techniques explained quietly and clearly from A to Z. Because we stay on the sand you will not easily sink into the sea, which makes it a very nice group outing with a sporty element.

Power kiting in Scheveningen on the beach
  • Reception
  • Program explanation
  • Kite / power kite instructions
  • First jump with power kiting
  • Possibly a BBQ or a drink afterwards

Duration powerkiting Scheveningen:

  • 2 hours

When you go power kiting with Flitz events, it takes about two hours. In these two hours you will receive professional guidance from our instructors and you will learn how to handle the power kite. Soon you will have the power kite under control and you can make the coolest figures in the air. When the wind blows a bit, you can also learn to jump within these two hours or you can learn to pull yourself through the power kite. The outing is very popular. So popular that several groups have come back more often because it is so much fun.

Eating afterwards in Scheveningen

If you not only want to stick to power kiting, but also want to have a bite to eat on the beautiful beach of Scheveningen, then Flitz events can of course also arrange that for you. Flitz events works together with various beach pavilions at Scheveningen, so you can always choose the pavilion that best suits your group. View the different beach pavilions we work with on our site.

Other location? Also possible only in discussion with us.

Prices power kiting Scheveningen:

Group from 2 persons: € 22,50
Group from 10 persons: € 20,00
Group from 25 persons: € 17,50
Group from 50 persons: € 15, -

Prices are per person and include VAT

Combination package:
Of course you can also choose several activities. We can make an extra nice price for this!

Powerkiten Scheveningen + Robinson Crusoe Scheveningen:
From 10 persons: € 30, -
From 25 persons: € 27,50
From 50 persons: € 25, -

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Powerkiting Scheveningen is suitable for which groups

Powerkiting Scheveningen is in principle suitable for every group. Groups of women, men, children or mixed groups. Everything is possible. As long as you can hold a power kite. This is because there are all kinds and sizes of power kites available at Scheveningen. This means you can already come to us for a power kite outing with children's parties. But of course power kiting is also very cool to do when you want to do a group outing with your work or when you are going to have a bachelor party. With power kiting at Scheveningen you are nice and sporty and at the same time very relaxed. You learn something new from our professional supervisors and you know it is safe. Various game elements and a planned dinner afterwards, really completes the power kite outing.


When you think of Scheveningen, you naturally think of the sea, the beach and the pier. Not everyone is lucky enough to live close to Scheveningen in order to enjoy this seaside resort regularly. That is why it is extra fun when you are at Scheveningen, that you experience something you will not soon forget. Flitz events takes care of this entirely for you. Flitz events has therefore introduced power kiting at Scheveningen for groups. Because what could be more fun than holding a tough power kite along the coastline that pulls you over the sand and lets you make the coolest jumps? Within a very short time, you will have professional control over the power kite and make the flash on the beach of Scheveningen.

Betting elements with power kiting

Experience shows that there are two groups of people. There are people who like to compete and there are people who don't like that. Power kiting at Scheveningen is ideal for both groups of people. Don't feel like competing after learning how to control the kite? Then let yourself be carried along in a delicious and smooth way by the power kite and make beautiful figures in the air. Feel the relaxation and clear your head. However, if you live for games and you can't wait to beat your friends, you can have fun with power kiting. What could be better than taking a course against each other and seeing who can do that best and fastest. You can also let yourself be pulled over the beach by the wind. Who will go fastest from point A to point B. Or who can actually make the highest and toughest jump? Of course you have to have the power kite under control before you can compete. Fortunately, the professional instructor teaches you how to handle the power kite very quickly, so that you can beat your friends in no time.

What now

It cannot be otherwise than that your interest in power kiting has been aroused in Scheveningen. All you ask yourself now is: "What next?" Contact us as soon as possible and tell us what your wishes are. We will arrange it for you. Before you know it, you are power kiting with a few friends or colleagues at Scheveningen and you make the wildest jumps and the most beautiful figures. Flitz events organizes your power kite outing at Scheveningen and ensures that you have an experience that you will never forget.

Powerkiten Scheveningen

Would you like an outing with kite flying or power kiting on the beach of Scheveningen? Kiting and power kiting is the most popular at the moment activity of a on the beach of Scheveningen. Kiting and power kiting is a super fun activity for young and old. Kiting is the ultimate challenge for sporty people who love the beach and wind. Enjoy a day at the Scheveningen beach with Nasawing kites of all shapes and sizes. Small kites for people who want to relax. And larger ones for people who go for the extreme and want to experience the power of the wind themselves. We teach you how to steer safely and of course we teach you a lot of fun tricks!

Flitz events was put together with different restaurants and beach bars. Indicate which beach tent suits you best. We take all worries out of your hands. From 1 activity to a totally organized beach day at Scheveningen.

What is power kiting exactly?

Power kiting is a kind of kite flying, but with much more challenge. It can be quite spectacular. A bit of wind can even cause you to go up into the air a little so that you can make jumps Or let yourself be pulled over the beach.

Is power kiting suitable for everyone?

Yes, anyone can do power kiting because you decide for yourself what kind of kite you want to fly. After a brief explanation by a professional instructor you can get to work safely. You learn the right techniques, get tips and tricks and there is consultation with which power kite you can fly the best.

Is kite flying also suitable for children's parties?

Kiting is a lot of fun and certainly also suitable for children's parties. All kinds of sizes of kites are available: from normal to large mattresses, so there is a suitable kite for every child.

What are we going to do exactly?

You come with a minimum of 2 people to the beach for power kiting. The instructor first tells you the basic principles of power kiting. Then you start with a Nasawing or mattress and learn tips and tricks. If you have your powerkite under control, you can start making jumps.

Questions about power kiting?

Mail us with your questions about power kiting. Or call 070-2501429. We are happy to tell you all about the possibilities.

Powerkiten Scheveningen

Would you like to do something fun on the beach of Scheveningen with your friends, family or colleagues? Then go powerkiting Scheveningen with Flitz events, and experience a super fun day that you will not soon forget. Powerkiten Schevenimgen is the ultimate challenge for everyone who loves the beach, the sea and the wind. Powerkiting on Scheveningen can be done by anyone because it is very accessible and it is a fantastic sporting activity for various parties and outings such as a bachelor party or team building outing.

What is power kiting at Scheveningen

Everyone has undoubtedly heard of kite surfing. When you think about that, you probably see boys and girls in front of you on tough boards in the sea with a very large kite (kite) with which they make the most beautiful jumps. Powerkiting Scheveningen is slightly different. No board is used and you don't go into the sea with power kiting. With power kiting you use a power kite. You choose the power kite that suits you best together with the professional instructors. You learn to float the power kite and thus control the wind. You will also learn to make cool jumps in no time and let yourself be pulled over the beach like a true sand surfer. If you do not like the power of the wind and high jumps, you can also choose to keep control of the kite in a completely relaxed way with a smaller power kite and make beautiful figures with this power kite. There is really a power kite for everyone and every need to choose from.

Professional instructions

When you decide to come to Scheveningen power kiting through Flitz events, you are assured that you will receive very useful and clear instructions from our professional supervisors. That way you will master the power kiting on the beach of Scheveningen very quickly. You really don't have to be a professional if you want to power kite quickly. Our guides teach you step by step how to handle the kite. Once you have the kite under control you can play with it. Let the kite go back and forth on the wind and dare to jump. Our supervisors are ready to help you if you have any questions. Let yourself be carried along with the wind or put your heels in the sand and draw a long line over the coastline of the beautiful beach of Scheveningen. Our guides will never lose sight of you and will always assist you when you need help.

FAQ Powerkiting Scheveningen

What is power kiting

What is power kiting is a question we regularly get asked. We at Flitz events always explain this as follows. You learn to handle and control the power kite. This allows you to hang the kite nicely in the wind and slide it over the wind after some practice. When you have mastered power kiting, you can let yourself be carried away on the wind by making small jumps. When the wind blows a bit, power kiting can be very strenuous and you can make beautiful and high jumps with the right technique.

Ik I get wet from power kiting

Because you are on the beach and you can make power kiting as strenuous as you want, you can of course get a bit wetter if you get too close to the coastline than if you stay a bit more on the beach. With power kiting you do not initially get soaked and you do not need to wear a special suit like kitesurfers to participate in power kiting. Although you stay far away from the sea, it can of course happen that some splashes of the sea blow up or that it starts to rain and that you get wet. So prepare well and think carefully about which clothes you are wearing.

Power kiting is safe

It is not the intention that you get too large a power kite so that the power kite runs with you instead of the other way around. You also don't go into the sea with power kiting. It is therefore not possible to get caught in the water between the ropes of the power kite. Also, all material used by Flitz events is always safe and very solid. Through the guidance of our professional instructors you are in good hands and the power kiting from A to Z is fully explained and taught to you. Our instructors will never take great risks and will always put your safety and that of others first. You can therefore trust that you are in safe hands at Flitz events and that you always close the outing with a good feeling.

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Powerkiten Scheveningen

Flitz events in specialized in power kite Scheveningen, of course this is possible be combined with one of our other activities. Looking for an original and active outing at Scheveningen? Then take on the ultimate challenge with power kiting in Scheveningen and learn the power of the wind with power kiting in Scheveningen. Flitz events provides power kiting in Scheveningen or other locations bachelor parties in Scheveningen, Company outing in Scheveningen and for others groups.

Tips for beginners:

The term "power kiting" includes all "kite operations" in which the kiter is (intentionally) exposed to the forces of the wind - and counteracts or uses it. The individual Powerkite types are briefly explained.

Powerkiting: Powerkiting

Quickly explained: Just "fly around" with a kite, on a kite meadow or on the beach. If you get bored with standing kiting too much, choose a slightly larger kite and let the kite pull you (eg over the beach) or even jump as an advanced kiter.

Powerkiting with Skateboard

"Powerkiting with Skateboard", if you want to describe it very briefly. In fact, a mountainboard (or ATB = AllTerrainBoard or Kitelandboard) looks like a skateboard, but it has much larger and coarser rollers. Another difference: as a kite you almost always use a Depowerkite for mountainboarding.

kitebuggy Scheveningen

Just like on the Mountainboard, you can be pulled through the terrain by the kite. The Kitebuggy is (almost always) a three-wheeled device with a front wheel and a rear axle. You sit in the kite buggy and let yourself be pulled through a 4-line mat over the beach. With a kite buggy you can reach much higher speeds than with a mountain board. A “bad” prejudice: Mountainboard is for the little ones, riding a kitebuggy instead of the better kiters…. ?

Types of kite systems

2-line Kitemat

2-line sizes kites are real beginners kites. Only with two lines can you determine the direction of the kite, an 2-line matte kite is the right choice for beginners who are not yet sure whether kiting is something for them. For relatively little money you can get a taste of the kite hobby without much effort. If you then get infected by the kite virus, such an 2 line mat quickly becomes boring and you switch to an 4 line kite. You get used to the 4 line system and the handles relatively quickly, but it can be a bit more complicated than direct access with 4 lines.

4-line Kitemat

As the name suggests, this kite consists of four lines. In addition to the two control lines, there are two so-called "brake lines" available, with which you can change the angle of the kite. This allows you to steer the kite much more accurately, even flying backwards is possible. It is also possible to launch and land, even in strong winds, because the pressure on the kite can be reduced by using the brake lines. For those who seriously want to step into power kiting, an 4 line partner is the right choice. Because even if you decide later for a larger kite ...: A smaller mat for stronger wind is still needed. As a kitebuggy rider you need a whole set of kites, at least one for each wind speed.

Company outing power kiting Scheveningen

Do you want to reward your staff for a year of hard work? Are you looking for something new, something sporty and original for a company outing? Then a staff day is the perfect way to express your appreciation. We understand better than anyone that a perfectly organized staff day will ensure a more positive atmosphere within your company / department. With a diverse program (active-creative-adventurous) and various atmospheric locations, we will ensure that the staff will not soon forget this day.