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Staff outing with overnight stay

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In order to reward employees for their hard work, many companies choose an activity in the neighborhood during the annual staff outing. You do not always have a wide choice and can therefore not always choose the staff outing that best suits the company and its employees. Therefore go for a staff outing with an overnight stay, so that you are not tied to the location. Flitz Events, for example, has a very wide range of staff outings in South Holland. Here you will find almost all activities you can think of for a staff outing. From competitive activities to quiet and relaxing outings and from creative outings to city explorations. Choose the staff outing that all employees like and book an overnight stay nearby. This way everyone looks back on the outing with a satisfied feeling and the employees will be extra motivated to do their best at work.

Staff outings in South Holland

At Flitz Events you can choose from creative workshops such as painting, making slippers, making jewelry and building sand sculptures, but it is also possible to go for a cocktail workshop or poker workshop, for example. You also have a wide choice of active outings at Flitz Events. For example, you can choose Powerkiting and you can go to the beach of Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland. If you are looking for an active outing where employees have to work well together, the Robin Crusoe Experience might be a good staff outing. People have to work together while carrying out assignments. There are also activities for the city and you can also go for a cruise through The Hague or another city nearby. You can choose to end the outing with a drink in, for example, a beach tent or to have a barbecue to discuss all the impressions of that day. Then rest in a nearby hotel and return home fresh the next day.

Spend the night in South Holland

Flitz Events offers events in Scheveningen, Zandvoort, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland, The Hague, Noordwijk and Zwarte Pad. You also have a wide selection of hotels, bungalows and cottages nearby where all employees can go. Choose a location near the outing, so that you can go there on foot or by bike. That gives everyone time to unpack their belongings and get ready for what's to come. The anticipation already starts here.

Staff outing as desired

By booking an overnight stay, you ensure that employees can not only do a staff outing to their liking, but also ensure the perfect ending to the day. By spending the night in the area, nobody has to travel home on time and you can have a drink together near the hotel or in the hotel itself. If there are specific wishes for the outing, that is no problem at Flitz Events. You can call or request a quote without obligation. This way you know where you stand and together you ensure that everyone has an unforgettable day.