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Staff outing The Hague

Staff outing in The Hague

You need satisfied employees to ensure that your company runs smoothly. You can satisfy those employees in different ways. For example, they will look forward to their Christmas package around New Year and a chocolate Easter egg during Easter, but chances are that they are especially looking forward to the annual staff outing. At Flitz Events you have a wide choice of staff outings around The Hague, so there is always something suitable in between. The wishes of the individual employees can also be applied to the outing. This way you have a staff outing that suits the team and the individual employee. If the company is located in The Hague, the outing is also very close for most. Choose a staff outing that suits the company and employees. Thanks to the wide choice at Flitz Events, this is always possible.

Staff outing on the beach around The Hague

When you think of The Hague, you automatically think of the beach of Scheveningen. That is why Flitz Events also organizes many activities on this beach. A staff outing on the beach is ideal in the summer months. This way everyone enjoys the fun activity and the sea and the beach. For the sporty employees there is an option to powerkiting on this beach. You will learn from experienced instructors in 2 hours how to ensure that a large kite pulls you over the beach. If it goes well you can even try to make a jump. If this seems a bit too challenging for some employees, there is also an option to Powerkite with a smaller kite, so that it is more about the relaxation. Another option on the beach of Scheveningen or the beach of The Hague is it Robinson Crusoe Beach event, where employees have to escape the cannibals on the island through teamwork and cleverness.

Top 3 Staff outings On the beach of The Hague

Staff outing on location or in the center

If the staff prefer to enjoy each other's company quietly with a drink in hand, the Pubzquiz Show may be a better option. You can organize the pub quiz yourself and can perform it at any location. It is even possible to organize the Pubquiz Show in your business premises if the location allows it. In teams, members of staff compete for the coveted cup and the honor. If you prefer to discover the city of The Hague, you can also opt for one of the city games. Walk through the city, answer questions and complete assignments. Choose a city game with the best story and the best assignments and at the same time discover The Hague.

Top 3 staff outings in The Hague

Staff outings South Holland

Flitz Events not only offers staff outings in The Hague and Scheveningen, but you can go anywhere in South Holland for fun activities for the company, including Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland. You have staff outings for the competitive employees, for the creative people and for the sun worshipers. At Flitz Events you will also find outings for culture enthusiasts and you have activities that are perfect to do in winter. Choose the outing that suits the employees of your company, choose the right location and possibly attach a snack to it. At Flitz Events you can choose from a staff outing that everyone likes and that will be talked about for a long time.

⭐ Organizing an original Staff Outing?

Choose from more than 50 indoor or outdoor staff outings starting from € 12,50 per person. Ask for the obligation free quote or contact us by telephone 070-2501429

⭐ Top 3 staff outing on the beach of The Hague

Top 3 Summer Activities:

1️⃣ Robinson Crusoe Challenge (Survival games focused on team building)
2️⃣ Kiting / Powerkiting (For everyone accessible)
3️⃣ Hexathlon / Beach Games (Custom made for an original outing)

⭐ Top 3 staff outing in the center of The Hague

1️⃣ Cruise through the canals of The Hague, on a luxury cocktail boat
2️⃣ pub quiz show (Sociability & fight with a drink)
3️⃣ City Games

3Top XNUMX Staff outings in winter

1️⃣ Winter wonderland (Hilarious Après-ski Games! Super Jolig)
2️⃣ pub quiz show (Sociability & fight with a drink)
3️⃣ Workshop making ice sculptures (Ice-cold workshop perfect for team building)

Is a staff outing possible on location?

A staff outing on location can certainly be arranged! Curious about the possibilities? Curious about the possibilities? Look HERE .