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Parking Rotterdam

Parking guide for Rotterdam

Welcome to Flitz events in Rotterdam! Whether you're taking part in one of our exciting workshops or attending a major event, here you'll find all the information you need about parking options, public transport and water taxi services near our locations.

Overview of Parking Options

Rotterdam offers various parking options close to our event locations. Below we give you a handy overview:

1. Street parking

  • Locations: Spread throughout the city, especially near the city center.
  • Rates: Vary depending on the zone, usually between €1,50 and €4,00 per hour.
  • Time: Paid parking is generally required between 09:00 AM and 23:00 PM depending on location and day.

2. Parking garages

  • P1 Parking Rotterdam Centre: Located at Kruisstraat 17, ideal for access to central locations.
  • Interparking Lijnbaan: Located at Crispijnstraat 6, close to shops and event spaces.
  • Rates: About €2,00 to €3,50 per hour. Daily rates may vary.

3. P+R Locations (Park and Ride)

  • P+R Kralingse Zoom: Free parking if you use public transport.
  • P+R Slinge: A good option for visitors coming from the south.
  • Use case: Ideal for visitors who want to avoid the crowds in the center and want to park cheaply.

Public Transport and Water Taxi

Public transport

Rotterdam has an extensive public transport network consisting of trams, buses and metros that can get you around the city quickly and efficiently. Use the following resources to plan your route:

  • RET Metro and Trams: Connects you to all major parts of the city, including direct routes to event locations.
  • 9292 Public Transport Planner: Usage to plan your trip from door to door with all available public transport options.

Water taxi

  • Rotterdam Water taxi: A unique and fast way to experience Rotterdam. Perfect for reaching waterfront locations or simply for a spectacular entrance to your event. Book your water taxi via Water taxi Rotterdam.

Tips for Parking in Rotterdam

  • Early birds: Try to arrive early to find the best parking spots available, especially during events and weekends.
  • Payment apps: Use parking apps such as Parkmobile or Yellowbrick for easy payment and tracking of parking time.
  • Weekend rates: Some locations offer special weekend rates, which can be ideal for event attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the cheapest parking option in Rotterdam? The cheapest option is usually the P+R locations, especially if you are willing to travel a bit by public transport.
  • Can I reserve my parking space in advance? Yes, many car parks offer the option to reserve a space online, which can be useful during busy periods.

Contact and Directions

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