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twins scheveningen
beach club twins scheveningen

What can you expect at Beach Club TWINS, a beautiful Beach experience for everyone. Hospitable and friendly team who want to make it a fun day with you. From breakfast meeting to a complete party evening with DJ, we are happy to organize it for you.

Organizing something for a large or small group is quite a responsibility and we are there to make it a successful day together with you. Company party, team outing, away day, anniversary party birthday, bachelor party for every occasion make it a fun day! Beach Club Twins has more than 40 years of experience in arranging BBQ and events and is known for the personal contact and thinking along for a successful day for you.

Our Beach BBQ is known across the border, many of you went for it, just take a look at our reviews.

The BBQ master who provides the BBQ with sustainable and local products, his BBQ dishes are top! The self-BBQ on charcoal is also super fun to do, especially with smaller groups.

At Twins, your group has a permanent hostess or host who will make it a successful day in the catering industry together with you during the event. If someone unexpectedly wants to give a speech, no problem, your hostess or host will provide a microphone.

Of course there is a private part of the location or the entire location exclusively (large groups) reserved for you. All our arrangements of breakfast, lunch and dinner are composed in such a way that there is something for everyone to obtain fish, meat, veggie, vegan, gluten-free and hallal and as little food waste as possible.

Various activities and workshops are organized at our own location. Everyone stays at the location with the exception of a city walk or iPad tour, ranging from creative to sporty. That makes Twins unique multiple activities at one location and everyone can participate in an activity or workshop that suits this person. If the weather is not good, don't worry, we are prepared for every type of weather so that your event can always take place.

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