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Hart Beach

Swap your everyday environment for the beach and clear your head with a view of the sea, the sun on your face and your hair in the wind. Hart Beach Quiksilver Surf Village can be found all year round on the beach of Scheveningen.

Here you can enjoy everything that has to do with the surf lifestyle: from surf lessons to surf rental, delicious food & drinks, events and a beautiful Surf Shop. The famous Scheveningen beach is, thanks to the safe sandy bottom and the ideally located location, the perfect place to take a surfing lesson!

Surf school with a rich history
In the early 70s, Etkso Schuitema, founding father of Hart Beach, started his surf concept at the Vissershavenweg in Scheveningen. In 1984, the Hart Beach Surf School was added and today it is the oldest Surf School in the Netherlands!

The surf school in The Hague specializes in surfing lessons for both children and adults, beginners and advanced surfers. Hart Beach's close-knit surf crew consists of enthusiastic employees and professional surf instructors who all hold their BSA & Lifeguard certificate.

Scheveningen beach is a perfect place to learn how to surf and Hart Beach is happy to help you with that during the surf lesson! This can be done in small groups or one on one with an instructor. After the two-hour lesson, you can choose multiple lessons and you will be a real surfer in no time!

There is also plenty of surfing adventure for the little ones with kids surfing lessons, surfing, surfing camps during all holidays throughout the year and children's parties or skating.

Open all year
Hart Beach Surfschool is currently run by brothers Paul and Romke Schuitema and has a permanent location on the beach, open all year round. That means 365 days of surfing, hot showers, enjoying a fire and chilling on the coast of The Hague!

In addition to surfing, Hart Beach has much more to offer beach guests. A tasty snack or drink after a long day on the water or the beach is also possible here in winter.

You can also contact Hart Beach for rental of various activities. Supping, skateboarding, longboarding are among the options. Hart is even in for a game of beach volleyball!

Arrangements and events

Do you want your bachelor party, birthday party or company outing celebrating on the beach? Throughout the year we offer active group activities. You can learn to surf with us or challenge each other through team building beach games. Go skate-longboarding or do a ukele workshop.

In addition, the entire Surf Village is perfect for gaining completely new insights during brainstorming sessions or meetings. On our spacious and cozy terrace you can enjoy a wonderful day at the beach. If you come with a large group, it is also possible to book part of our (side) terrace privately.

Also keep an eye on the website for public events such as Mom or Dad Surf, special food deals on holidays and major (surf) events on the beach.

Golden Green Key
Hart Beach once started small, as part of nature and surf and has grown partly by treating people and the environment with attention and love. We integrate this into our business processes, services & products and pass it on to our staff and suppliers as 1 of Hart Beach's core values.

If you come to eat and drink with us, know that we source our products as locally as possible and cook them according to the season. That is not only good for our environment, but the season is so tasty. A cup of coffee, of course fair trade and if you come and sit on our terrace, you will not detect any plastic. When choosing wine, you will come across a wide range of organic wines, perhaps they even taste better.

Hart Beach organizes surf camps for the kids every year. Besides surfing and having fun with and around the sea, we also make them aware of their environment. Beachcombing as an activity is fun, active and cleans up nicely. We also offer this as an activity for companies and group outings and are pleased to see that it is often chosen as part of a conscious lifestyle.

Hart Beach is by, from and with people. By working together with organizations such as Surf & Durf (an organization that provides surf therapy to children and young people who can use support in their social-emotional development), we try to contribute to a positive society

If you want to attract a good feeling, come and shop in one of our shops and opt for board shorts made from recycled PET bottles or wetsuits made from honest neoprene. When choosing purchasing, we will always opt for the sustainable variant where possible

Hart Beach is anchored on Scheveningen beach and from our beautiful year-round surf pavilion we use the sea and nature every day. We are deeply grateful for that. We would like to take good care of people and our environment and are therefore proud of the quality mark we have received for this.

From June 2020 we can carry the Golden Green Key. Green Key is the largest sustainability label for the tourism and leisure industry in the Netherlands.

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