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Flitz Events Review

You can enjoy yourself in the quiet seaside resort of Kijkduin! Privacy and tranquility are therefore guaranteed in a unique spot on the beach with a view of the sea. After the meeting, get a breath of fresh air on the beach of Kijkduin, choose from the various activities that suit you! Take a brisk walk or bike ride through the dunes. With the GPS dune dropping, Flitz events show you Kijkduin in a fun and creative way.

Parking Kijkduin

Kijkduin is easily accessible both by public transport and by car.

  • Free Parking
  • Large parking lots

Activities combined with a BBQ

Summer outings not only include sun, sea and sand, but also a beach bar. In addition to taking care of your company outing, we have selected a beach pavilion in Kijkduin for you that we are happy to work with. The beach tents are unique and have proven themselves in recent years as an excellent partner and care provider. However, we are not location-bound and we also regularly work from various other beach pavilions.

Best beach bars in Kijkduin

Kijkduin is a popular seaside resort on the Dutch coast, with a number of nice beach bars where you can enjoy a snack and a drink.

One of the most famous beach bars in Kijkduin is Strandpaviljoen Habana. This is a large tent with a spacious terrace where you can enjoy the sea view. They serve all kinds of dishes here, from salads and sandwiches to full meals. In the evenings there is often live music, so it is also a nice place to dance and enjoy a cozy atmosphere.

Another popular beach club in Kijkduin is Strandpaviljoen beachhouse. This is a smaller and more intimate pavilion, with an attractive interior and a wide range of drinks and snacks. They also have a spacious terrace with a sea view, where you can relax in the sun.

A third option is Beach Pavilion South Beach. This is a spacious tent with an attractive interior and a wide range of dishes and drinks. They also have a beautiful terrace with a sea view, where you can enjoy the sun.

If you are looking for a nice place to eat and drink on the beach, these three beach bars in Kijkduin are definitely worth a visit. They all have their own unique atmosphere and offerings, so there is something for everyone. Enjoy the beautiful weather, the sea view and the delicious dishes and drinks in one of these cozy beach bars.