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We organize Wim Hof ​​workshops with Breathing sessions, Ice baths and Mindset training. We seek comfort in the uncomfortable and reset the body, so that we can deal with stress much better.

The Importance of Acute Stress (Hormesis)

Acute stress (Hormesis) is very good for the body and it ensures that the body becomes stronger and more resistant to stress, illness and other negative influences. During a workshop with us, you will increase your immune system, burn hundreds of calories and your body will produce a lot of dopamine and serotonin. Afterwards you feel very good.

Deep Breathing Sessions: contact with your nervous system

In our workshop we first engage in a deep breathing session, accompanied by specially selected music. You make contact with your nervous system and become more in balance with yourself. Then we prepare for the ice bath. Even if you don't think about it now, everyone can do it (and will do it!) We will guide you physically and mentally for this challenge and ensure that you are completely ready for it.

Customized workshops at any location

Our workshops can be carried out at any conceivable location and can tailor and adjust everything. Perfect for company outings, friends weekends or a family reunion! 😀

Complete Care

We provide everything (ice bath, ice, music, possibly even swimwear), we only need a water connection.

Medical Precautions

It is also important that we are informed in advance if people have heart problems or epilepsy or if they are pregnant. Then we always consult a doctor's advice.

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