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Nice outings with bad weather

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
June 20, 2024

Unfortunately, the weather in the Netherlands is often worse than we would like, but that does not mean that your plans have to fall through! Fortunately, there are plenty of fun outings that are perfect during days with bad weather and a lot of rain. Consider, for example, indoor outings such as pub quizzes, laser gaming and indoor escape rooms. In this blog we list the 5 best outings for days when the weather is bad. 

The nicest indoor outings 

In the winter months and during days where it only rains, it is wonderful to stay indoors and enjoy fun activities. And although the weather may not cooperate, fortunately there are plenty of fun indoor outings to enjoy. We are happy to provide you with inspiration and share our 5 favorite indoor activities. 

1 – Indoor laser tag

Step into the world of excitement and thrills with indoor laser tag! Armed with a laser gun, you compete with your friends in a dark arena full of obstacles. Take on the role of a real soldier and work together with your team to defeat the enemy. With flashing lights, smoke machines and exciting music, it will be an exciting experience that you will not soon forget. Step into the laser tag arena and crown yourself the sharpshooter of the afternoon. 

2 – The pub quiz

Test your knowledge and entertain yourself with a fun one pub quiz! Settle into a cozy pub and rack your brains on a variety of topics, from history and science to pop culture and sports. And don't forget the music round! Team up with your friends to answer the toughest questions and compete for the coveted title of Pub Quiz Champion. With a mix of challenging questions, funny trivia and a cozy atmosphere, the pub quiz is a guaranteed success for an evening full of fun and conviviality.

3 – Poker workshop 

Learn the tricks of the game of poker during an exciting one poker workshop! Under the guidance of an experienced poker player, you will have the opportunity to learn the basic rules of Texas Hold'em and improve your strategy. Discover how to master your poker face, learn how to read the cards and gain insight into the psychology behind the game. And with a small commitment per person you can also turn the workshop into a fun and exciting evening with your friends or colleagues!

4 – Escape rooms 

Enter a room full of riddles and challenges in an exciting escape room! Lock yourself in a themed room and work together with your friends to solve puzzles, crack riddles and decipher codes before time runs out. Immerse yourself in a compelling story and use your creativity and teamwork to escape before it's too late. With hidden clues, ingenious puzzles and a race against the clock, an escape room is an exciting adventure that you should not miss!

5 – Old Dutch games afternoon

From pub games to games you used to play at grandpa and grandma's, at Flitz-Events you will discover a wide range of old fashioned games that you can rent! Ideal for a company outing, family day or other activity where you are together with different ages. Or of course when you organize a fun day with your kids! Think of sack races, shuffleboard, goose board, can toss and many more classic games that guarantee fun and nostalgia.

The best outings with bad weather can be found at Flitz-Events

With a wide range of unique activities and educational workshops, we can always ensure an unforgettable day. Regardless of the weather! Whether it rains, storms or snow, we have indoor and indoor activities that are perfect to enjoy with friends, family or colleagues. From exciting escape rooms and indoor laser gaming to creative workshops and tasty tastings, you will always find what you are looking for here.


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Milan Laroes has more than 15 years of experience in the events industry.