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Bun Hockey

Bun Hockey

Would you like to organize a sporting activity along the coast of Scheveningen? Then you're there Flitz events in the right place! We are an experienced event agency with a wide range of activities on the beach. With club hockey, also called tampon hockey, you compete against each other in teams. It is an intensive and fast game where fun is paramount. There are few rules and that makes the game easy for every target group.

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Bun Hockey

Tampon hockey is a game often played by young people as a way to have fun. The game is played on a court with a ball propelled by a stick or baton, and the players must try to shoot the ball into the opponent's goal using their stick.

However, there are several ways in which tampon hockey can be played and the rules may vary depending on the group playing the game. Some groups choose to shoot the ball with their hands instead of a stick, while others apply special rules such as the prohibition against touching the ball with their feet.

While tampon hockey can be a fun game to play, it is important to emphasize that the use of tampons as sports equipment is unsanitary and inappropriate. It is better to use other materials to play a game, such as a ball or a stick, instead of tampons. If you want to play a game similar to hockey, consider using a real hockey stick or other suitable attribute.

Knot hockey explanation

There are many different knot hockey games. Tampon hockey, beach hockey, club ball, we all mean the same thing by it. It is a sporty game that resembles traditional hockey, but with as few rules as possible. The game is played with sticks that have a foam head and a soft ball. The aim of the game is to get this 'bounce ball' into the opponent's goal. You don't have to be an experienced hockey player to participate. It also causes few injuries, because the stick is provided with a soft cushion.

An ideal to perform together with your colleagues, friends or family or to give a club hockey gym lesson, because: Everyone can participate! You form two teams and then compete against each other. Who will be the top scorer of the day?

Combine knot hockey with other beach activities

At Flitz-Events you can easily combine several activities in one day. For example, how about a sporty afternoon on the beach, where you first start with beach hockey and finish with bubble soccer† Our range of beach activities is wide, so we can always provide you with an unforgettable day!

After a day of intensive sports on the beach of Scheveningen, you are probably ready for a drink or dinner. No problem. At Flitz-Events we can easily combine activities with a lunch, dinner or drink afterwards. Here you can relax after the intensive day, and chat about the fun moments of the activity.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. We provide you with an unforgettable day!

Bun Hockey

Choose an original outing!

Knot hockey is an original activity on the beach of Scheveningen. You compete against each other in teams. It resembles traditional hockey, but has far fewer rules and more fun! The rules of the game have been simplified to keep it fun for everyone! For example, it is allowed to score from all over the field, there is no such thing as a penalty corner and it is more often overlooked when the ball hits a body part. In short, a great sport to perform during a family day, company outing or bachelor party!

Blij Flitz-Events we are experts in the field of activity organization. We listen to your wishes and then provide you with an unforgettable day. If you choose to combine different activities, we make a tight schedule in which both activities flow smoothly into each other. In short, you no longer have to think about anything when you choose an outing at Flitz-Events!

Have you become interested? Nice! We invite you to one obligation free quote to request. Who knows, we might see you soon on the beach of Scheveningen!