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How company outings can improve the working atmosphere and increase productivity

Employee avatar Martijn
July 14, 2024
12 min

In today's business world, the importance of a good working atmosphere and high productivity cannot be underestimated. A positive work environment contributes to employee well-being, which in turn results in better performance and growth for the company. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through company outings. In this article you will discover how company outings can improve the working atmosphere and increase productivity.

The benefits of company outings for employees and the company

Company outings provide an excellent opportunity for employees to get to know each other, collaborate and relax. This results in better communication, more mutual trust and a closer team. Some advantages of company outings are:

  1. Improved communication: When colleagues participate in activities together outside the office, they learn to communicate with each other in a different way. This can lead to better communication in the workplace.
  2. Enhanced team bonding: Working together during a company outing helps employees to better understand each other and build trust. This results in a closer team that can work together better.
  3. Reduced stress: Company outings offer employees the opportunity to escape from the daily stress of work. This can lead to better mental health and less absenteeism.
  4. Increased Motivation: When employees feel valued and engaged with the company, they are more motivated to give their best and contribute to the company's success.
  5. Higher productivity: Improved communication, a tighter team and reduced stress allow employees to work more effectively and efficiently, leading to higher productivity.

Flitz Events: the perfect partner for company outings

Flitz Events is an event agency with years of experience in organizing successful company outings. They offer a wide range of activities aimed at team building, relaxation and fun. Some examples of activities that Flitz Events offers are:

  • Beach activitiessuch as beach volleyball, power kiting and building sand sculptures.
  • City games, such as Escape the City, The Wedding Planner Hangover and Wie is de Mol.
  • Team building activities, such as GPS tours, Robinson Crusoe Experience and bamboo tower building.
  • Workshopssuch as cocktail workshops, making ice sculptures and creative workshops such as painting.

In addition, Flitz Events offers outings at various locations, such as Scheveningen, Kijkduin en The Hague. They work with different beach tents and other locations to ensure a unique experience.

Outdoor events for an unforgettable experience

One of the specialties of Flitz Events are outdoor events. Whether it's a sporty day on the beach, an exciting city game in the city, or a challenging team building activity, Flitz Events ensures an unforgettable experience. Some popular outdoor events are:

  • powerkiting: Experience the power of the wind and learn to fly a kite with a powerful kite.
  • Blokarting: A spectacular activity where you tear across the beach in a special go-kart, powered by the wind.
  • GPS tours: Go on an adventure and complete challenges using a GPS device.
  • Archery Tag: An exciting game that combines archery and dodgeball.

Attractive packages for a complete company outing

Flitz Events also offers various packages to complete the company outing. So you can choose one cruise in The Hague, a pub quiz to test team spirit, or a delicious BBQ on the beach. These arrangements are flexible and can be adapted to the wishes and needs of the company.

Flitz Events: an authority in organizing company outings

Flitz Events has years of experience and expertise in organizing company outings and events. Their professional and enthusiastic team ensures flawless organization and supervision of the outing, so that employees can enjoy carefree. Choose Flitz Events and experience for yourself how a company outing contributes to a better working atmosphere and higher productivity.


Company outings play a crucial role in promoting a positive working atmosphere and increasing productivity. Flitz Events is a reliable and experienced partner that helps companies organize effective and enjoyable company outings. With their wide range of activities, locations and packages, they can cater to the unique needs and wishes of each company. By choosing Flitz Events, you invest in the well-being and satisfaction of your employees, which ultimately results in better performance and growth for the company.

It is important to invest in company outings to promote employee well-being and give them the opportunity to get to know their colleagues better. This creates a stronger team spirit, better communication and increased productivity. Flitz Events is a reliable partner that can help you organize unforgettable company outings that contribute to creating a positive and productive working environment.