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Cool Company Outings with Flitz Events

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
July 14, 2024
10 min

Are you looking for unique and cool company outings? Flitz Events offers a wide range of cool company outings that you and your team will never forget. Whether you are looking for adventure, a team building experience or just something to laugh about, we have the perfect activity for you. Here are five of our most unique and exciting offerings:


1. VR Dinner Game La casa De dinero:

Step into the world of the popular show La Casa De Dinero with this unique Virtual Reality (VR). It combines the thrill of a virtual reality with a delicious dinner, resulting in an unforgettable experience for you and your team.

Cool Company Outings - La casa de dinero

An immersive VR experience

The VR Diner Game La Casa De Dinero immerses you in a virtual world in which you complete a mission together with your team. You will be surrounded by the exciting environment of La Casa De Dinero and given challenging assignments to complete. It feels like you're actually on the show and part of the adventure.

Teamwork and communication

Teamwork and communication is essential during this VR Dinner Game. You will have to work closely with your colleagues to solve the puzzles, find clues and successfully complete the mission. It promotes collaboration, strengthens the bond between team members and creates a shared experience that will be remembered for a long time.


2. Surf Rafting:

Step into the world of adventure and experience the fun and challenge of surf rafting. Surf Rafting is a great way to promote collaboration and team spirit, while having a great time with your colleagues at the same time.

Cool Company Outings - Branding rafting

An adrenaline-filled experience

Surf Rafting offers an adrenaline-filled experience on the water. You brave the waves and work with your team to conquer the surf. It takes coordination, communication and confidence to catch the right waves and steer the raft in the right direction. It's an exciting activity that makes for an unforgettable team experience.

Collaboration and team spirit

Branding Rafting is an activity that promotes cooperation and team spirit. You will have to work together as a team to control the raft and conquer the waves. It requires good communication and the ability to collaborate under pressure. By overcoming these challenges together, you build trust and strengthen the bond between colleagues.

Fun and adventure

In addition to promoting teamwork, Branding Rafting is also just plain fun! You will love the feeling of excitement as you ride the waves and the thrill of cruising on the water. It's an adventurous activity that provides lots of fun and smiling faces.

Professional guidance

At Flitz Events we make sure that your Branding Rafting is in good hands. Our professional instructors will guide you through the activity, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. They will give you instructions and tips to get the most out of your rafting adventure.


3. Hackathon:

Step into the world of technology and test your problem-solving skills during this exciting and competitive activity. A Hackathon is a great way to foster creative thinking and collaboration as teams compete against each other to solve technical challenges.

Cool Company Outings - Hackathon

Meeting technical challenges

During the Hackathon, teams are challenged to solve technical problems within a certain time limit. It may concern software development, data analysis, cyber security, or other technical issues. It's a great opportunity to test your skills, discover new ideas and come up with innovative solutions.

Creative thinking and collaboration

A Hackathon stimulates creative thinking and collaboration within teams. You work together with your colleagues to tackle challenging problems and come up with new solutions. It promotes out-of-the-box thinking, sharing knowledge and exploiting each other's strengths. Working together towards a common goal creates a sense of team spirit and resourcefulness.

Exciting competition

In addition to promoting collaboration, the competitive element of the Hackathon adds an extra dimension to the activity. Teams compete against each other to find the best solutions and are judged on creativity, efficiency and effectiveness. It creates an exciting and stimulating atmosphere in which teams get the best out of themselves.


4. Escape the City:

Enter the world of escape rooms, but all over the city! Escape the City is a unique activity that combines the thrill and challenge of an escape room with a fun and engaging city exploration.

Cool Company Outings - Escape the city

An adventurous city exploration

During Escape the City, teams are challenged to solve puzzles, follow clues and crack riddles all over the city. It is an adventurous city exploration where you and your colleagues look for hidden clues and secret locations. It's a great way to discover the city in an interactive and engaging way.

Excitement and challenge

Similar to a traditional escape room, Escape the City is all about excitement and challenge. You have a limited time to solve all the puzzles and unravel the mysteries. It requires teamwork, communication and logical thinking to be successful. It is an activity that tests both your mental and physical abilities.

Collaboration and team building

Escape the City promotes cooperation and team building within teams. You will have to work together, share information and leverage each other's strengths to overcome the challenges. It strengthens the bond between colleagues, improves communication and creates a sense of accomplishment when you successfully escape the city as a team.


5.Cocktail Workshop:

Step into the world of mixology and learn how to make the perfect cocktail in this fun and interactive workshop. The Cocktail Workshop is not only a great way to learn something new, but it also promotes team building and networking.

Cool Company Outings - Cocktail workshop

Learn the intricacies of cocktail shaking

During the Cocktail Workshop you get the chance to learn the finer points of cocktail shaking. Under the guidance of a professional mixologist, you will discover different techniques, learn about the ingredients and have the opportunity to make creative and tasteful cocktails yourself. It's an interactive and hands-on experience that takes you into the world of bartending.

Team building and networking

In addition to learning new skills, the Cocktail Workshop also provides a great opportunity for team building and networking. You collaborate with your colleagues to create cocktails, which promotes teamwork and communication. It is an informal and cozy setting in which you get to know each other better outside the working environment. Moreover, during the workshop you can enjoy each other's creations, share experiences and make valuable connections.

Creativity and fun

The Cocktail Workshop is not only about making drinks, but also about creativity and fun. You are given the freedom to create your own unique cocktails and experiment with different flavors and combinations. It is a fun and entertaining activity where laughter and enjoyment are guaranteed.


These are just five of the many great company outings that Flitz Events offers. We are confident that we have the perfect activity for you and your team, whatever your interests or preferences.

Would you like to know more about our company outings in South Holland? Read here for more information and details. We look forward to helping you plan your next awesome company outing!


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Milan Laroes has more than 15 years of experience in the events industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Flitz Events company outings so cool?
    Flitz Events is known for offering cool company outings that are unique and exciting. They combine challenging activities with a touch of creativity and team building to create an unforgettable experience. They ensure that every company outing is an adventurous and enjoyable experience for all participants.
  • What types of company outings can I expect at Flitz Events?
    Flitz Events offers a wide range of cool company outings. Think of exciting team building games, adventurous outdoor activities, interactive treasure hunts, creative workshops and much more. They have something for everyone, regardless of the team's preferences and interests.
  • Are the company outings suitable for both small and large groups?
    Yes, Flitz Events can organize company outings for both small and large groups. They are experienced in handling different group sizes and can adapt the activities to meet the needs of the specific group. Whether you want to organize an intimate company outing or a large-scale event, Flitz Events can arrange it.
  • Are the company outings suitable for all ages?
    Flitz Events can organize company outings that are suitable for various age groups. They have activities that appeal to both younger participants and more experienced professionals. They adjust the level of difficulty and challenges to ensure that everyone is involved and enthusiastic to participate.
  • Are special wishes or requirements for the company outings taken into account?
    Yes, Flitz Events takes into account special wishes or requirements for company outings. They are open to discussing specific needs such as dietary restrictions, accessibility or other requests. It is advisable to indicate this in good time when booking the company outing, so that they can respond to this.