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Family day outings

Family day

Super fun: organize a family day! Flitz events is specialized in organizing great family day outings. We ensure that everyone enjoys and everything runs smoothly. Everything is possible: follow a creative workshop, be active on the beach, fun activities with the whole family, exciting water activities and of course good food and drinks. We ensure a successful and fully arranged family day. You indicate what you have in mind and we will work for you. A day to never forget.

Outings for the whole family

During a family day out, usually several generations participate. We naturally take this into account in the organization. Everyone will enjoy themselves, from young to old. You can do fun outings in different groups, but also enjoy together. During our best workshops you learn something fun, it is fun and it is for all ages. There are also many sports activities for the whole family. And what about a pleasant boat trip? After all the experiences, enjoy a nice meal together. In a restaurant, a beach tent or on the beach during a BBQ!

Family day outings South Holland

During a family day, there are usually several generations participating in the party. Young children, teenagers, young adults, adults and the elderly, they all have their own preferences. Grandfather and grandmother usually do not want to go rafting and the youngsters do not feel like a too quiet program. No problem at Flitz events! We organize outings that everyone can enjoy as much as possible. Everyone can participate in a pleasant workshop. Pimp slippers or make a nice photo painting of the family portrait. A great memento of a great day. After the family day, having a nice dinner together is of course also a lot of fun. This is possible in a beach tent or in a restaurant, but also during a cruise through the canals of The Hague or to Scheveningen.

Top 3 Family day outings

Everyone happy

The choice of fun activities is very large at Flitz events so that everyone will get their money's worth. You can also split up during a family day so that the participants can do the activity they like the most. The children can fly a kite, the men will beat each other during the Robinson Experience and the ladies will make a jewelry workshop. The other way around is also allowed. At the beach of Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland we organize a great family day. Make sand sculptures together or play a game of beach golf with the whole family. Enough choice. Do you want to organize a family day on the beach or in the city in South Holland? Enable Flitz events!

Family day ideas

During a family outing, several generations usually participate. We of course take this fully into account at the organization and have enough family day ideas for everyone. All participants will have a great time, from young to old. You can do fun activities in different groups, but also enjoy together. During our best workshops you learn something fun, it is fun and it is for all ages. There are also many sports activities for the whole family. And what about a pleasant boat trip? After all the experiences, enjoy a nice meal together. In a restaurant, a beach tent or on the beach during a BBQ!

Working together

It is of course great fun to do something fun with the whole family during a family day out. Make such a super fun photo painting together! Play farmers beach golf, learn to paint or make a mega kite together. Enough choice. There are also mega challenging activities to do with the whole family. Are there real daredevils included? They can go rafting surf, brave the waves in a powerboat or kite surf on the beach. Meanwhile, grandpa and grandma can have a cup of coffee in one of the cozy beach bars. And what about the Robinson Experience? Really fun to play with the family. You compete against each other, in groups and are going to do the coolest things. Draw liana, build a jenga tower, shoot with coconuts and much more.

A cruise with the whole family

Also very nice: take a boat trip during a family day in The Hague. Sit quietly and watch all the beautiful things that pass you by. Plenty of time to catch up with your cousins ​​and grandparents. Enjoy coffee and cake on the way, an extensive lunch or a delicious dinner. We can also organize fun games on board for even more fun. Sail from The Hague to Scheveningen, get out to take a lovely walk on the beach or to do sports activities. Then back and good food along the way. We organize your family day entirely according to your wishes.

A whole day, half a day or a big party

You can fill in your family day yourself. The day can start in the morning, but can also only last an afternoon or an afternoon plus evening. Do fun things, good food and a fantastic party. Or play the pub quiz with the whole family, success guaranteed. The unexpectedly fun questions provide a lot of fun and everyone can participate. Of course there are also prizes to be won and that increases the tension even more.

Also fun: to work with the whole family to build a mega kite. Who can also really fly. Or compete with each other during Robinson Experience. You build a raft, shoot with cook nuts, go pull liana and play other challenging games. Are you an enterprising family? Then step into the powerboat and feel what it is like to conquer the waves of the North Sea. Prefer to do something crazy? Pimp peckers or turn a clog into a flower pot. Or play Bubble football! You are sitting in large balls filled with air. An activity that always creates a lot of fun and is never forgotten.

Organize your family day

Organizing a family day is of course a big job and very exciting. We are happy to help you. We can take a lot of work off your hands in consultation with you and ensure that it will be a successful day. We can also organize a plan B so that a great program can be followed in bad weather. Just contact us to discuss the possibilities, without any obligation.

Is it your turn this year to organize the traditional family day? Or will this be the first time this year? Flitz-Events has several options to make this day a successful one. On our site you can go under the heading activities find information about the different activities that we can arrange for you. Of course combinations between the different activities are possible.

During the family day the adults can fully enjoy the active parts such as Robinson Crusoe Events, power kiting of hexathlon while we go treasure-digging or kite crafting with the kids. To make your day complete, you can end with a cozy and delicious BBQ at 1 from our TOP locations.

If you have special wishes, then this can of course be discussed with us! Feel free to contact us for more information or request a quote without obligation through the application form so that we can organize a 'Flitzende' day for you!

Good food

Flitz events takes care of your family day from A to Z. Including delicious food. A lot is possible! Start the day with a delicious brunch, for example. You can also opt for a high tea or a high wine. Have a drink on the cocktail boat or eat a delicious pizza somewhere. Or sushi. Would you rather make it something very special? We also organize a BBQ on the beach. We take care of the family day and the food and drinks completely to your wishes.

family day outings

Every family has different wishes, which is why Flitz events have so many different family day outings. You can really do a lot of crazy activities during a family day out and there is something for everyone. An exciting activity, making something beautiful together during a workshop, in the city, on the beach or on the water. We organize the best family day outings all year round, both indoors and outdoors. Winter family day outing? Do fun things in the snow, indoor, that is. In the summer you can do a lot of fun things, especially on the beach. We organize family day outings from A to Z, including tasty and cozy food.

Eating out with the family

During and after a family day, there must of course also be a delicious meal and that is why we always take that with our idea of ​​a family day out. The day can start with coffee and cake or a delicious brunch. Or enjoy a high tea! We arrange everything from eating pancakes to sushi, pizza or drinks. You can enjoy good food in one of the beach bars Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland or in another restaurant. Of course we organize everything in consultation with you.

GPS tour and boat trip

GPS tours are also great fun to do with the whole family. Discover The Hague, solve riddles and work together to find the end point on this family day outing in the city. Or compete in groups. Flitz events also organizes awesome boat trips for family day outings. For example, you can sail from The Hague to Scheveningen and do a fun activity on the beach. It is also possible to eat on the boat. Want to know more about our family day outings? Contact us for more information, we are happy to help you organize an unforgettable day.