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Product presentation

Flitz Events organizes your product presentation professionally.

Have you reached the final phase with the development of your new product and do you need to think about how you will present this new product? With a fully organized product presentation via Flitz events you are assured that this event will be a resounding success. Our professionals know exactly what to do to introduce your product in the right way. The business event that is organized around the product presentation will connect in detail to the new product and your organization as a whole. Request one here quote .

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Tantalizing environment

When your product presentation is organized by us, we provide a pleasant and stimulating environment for your guests, and we provide them with a fantastic experience of the event. It will be a presentation that everyone will remember for a long time. If you wish, we can and will ensure that the place where you want to organize your business event is completely dedicated to your new product and organization. The setting in which the event takes place is essential. As a result, your product will be better remembered by your guests.

A product presentation nowadays has to be more than just a presentation. Your guests should not feel bored and should therefore be entertained. This can be done in many different ways. From music to a show and from snacks to dinner.

Connecting theme

Depending on the characteristics of your product, we can come up with a totally custom-made theme for you and your product. We are true eventcreator and have years of experience in organizing events. From futuristic to classic themes, and from a gala dinner up to one online product presentation. In principle, everything is possible. Your potential customers, stakeholders and other guests will be amazed. We can also arrange that for you if you would like to organize a drink or dinner afterwards.

We have access to a complete and extensive network with which we can achieve an absolute wow factor.

Recording product presentation

You may not have thought about it yet, but it is an absolute must for promotional purposes to have these types of business events captured on photo and video by a professional party. You can use these media very well for further promotional purposes of your product or organization. After all, your product launch is the start of your further communication process about your product and about your organization.

It goes without saying that it is possible to agree in detail exactly what needs to be recorded and how the photos and video should be edited.

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So have you almost or completely completed the production process of your new product? Are you looking for a reliable partner for organizing this important corporate event? Do not hesitate any longer and take it immediately contact contact us by e-mail or by phone. Based on your requirements and wishes, we can indicate exactly what we can do for you in organizing this important event.