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Product launch

Have a product launch professionally performed by Flitz Events.

If you want to launch a new product or service soon, you can announce it in many different ways. Organizing a product launch can be a very big task, because there are many things that need to be taken into account. The more people hear about your new product or service, the more potential customers you will appeal to. A product launch can therefore be a little bit over the top and be shouted from the rooftops, provided that suits you and your organization of course. Flitz events will work with you to ensure the most perfect launch of your product in a way that suits you and your organization. Request one here QUOTATION .

Organize publicity

When you launch a new product, you naturally want a lot of people to come to your business event. This is important because it allows people to become acquainted with your new product or service. In the context of generating awareness, it is therefore a smart idea to also invite people from the press to the launch event. What can also be a smart idea these days is to invite influencers. You invite these people in addition to your usual business relations. These influencers can, if you approach it smartly, make very good advertisements for your new product through the various social media channels.

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Place of release

The place where you will launch the new product is obviously very important. Are you doing the launch in the company canteen or are you doing this in another beautiful setting? It is of course possible to do both, but we can advise you very well about a suitable place that can identify with your product. Furthermore, we can decorate every place fantastically in the theme of the product that you will be launching. We provide the atmosphere that you would like to have during your event.

Catering during product launch

Obviously, you want your potential customers, journalists and influencers to lack nothing during this important launch. It is then important that you can count on a reliable partner in the field of catering. We ensure that the entire catering is completely arranged from A to Z. If you want your guests to be welcomed with a glass of champagne, we will arrange that for you. But you can also take a completely different approach to the evening and opt for a chic gala dinner at the time of your product launch. This is of course also possible.

Contact us

Would you like to organize your product launch from start to finish? Then take now contact with us. We will make sure that this launch will be remembered by every attendee as the most wonderful and well organized product launch they have ever experienced. The more tightly organized, the more impression your product will make on your potential customers. Together with you, we ensure that your launch is converted into sales. Do not hesitate any longer and call or email us for all the options we can offer you.