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Create a playbook

Create a playbook

A professional event naturally also includes professional organization of the event. And a professional organization needs a professionally drawn up scenario. When you let us organize your business event, it goes without saying that all agreements are laid down clearly and in writing, so that everyone knows what to do.

We will also draw up a scenario for these agreements that we make with you. With this scenario we outline the event from start to finish and it is described who is responsible for which tasks and when these tasks must be completed or must start. The script is a paper or digital document that we will draw up in consultation with you. When the script is complete, we will discuss the script with you and discuss whether all your wishes are correctly included in the script. After all, the scenario is the manual for your event. It is therefore very important that everything contained herein is correct.

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Adjustments to the script

At the moment that we discuss the content of the script with you, there are certainly still things that can be adjusted. You may find that the schedule should not be a bit tighter and you would like the gala dinner to start fifteen minutes later. But it may also be that you want to add an entertainment element and remove another element. Of course this is all possible and no problem. The consultation is also intended for this. When all adjustments have been made, you are completely satisfied with the scenario and you have given the green light, we can proceed to implement the prepared scenario.

Detailed agreements

As mentioned, general to very detailed agreements are laid down in the scenario. For example, you can find all telephone numbers of us as the organizer and the person ultimately responsible for your event in the script. It also includes things that should not be forgotten. Are there people with special food requirements or allergies? This can make or break the evening of your guests. We understand that better than anyone and are therefore very alert to these important matters and record them, so that no ambiguity can arise about them. But there are also many agreements in the script of who does what and at what time. Step by step it is described which tasks will be performed and at what time. In this way, the script immediately forms the handbook for the organization manager and all our staff who will walk around at your event. Everyone will know exactly what is expected of him or her.

Examples of script

If you would like an example of a scenario in advance, we can of course provide it to you. Please keep in mind that every scenario will be different because the events and the wishes of our different clients will always differ from each other. However, you can get a general picture of it. Some examples of what is included in our 'event script' are:

  • Telephone numbers of organizer and client
  • Global timetable
  • General information such as entrance fee and maximum number of participants
  • Program with start and end times
  • Information about the program
  • Participant list / visitor list (is not important for every event)
  • List and telephone numbers of employees and the task for which he or she is ultimately responsible
  • Checklist of the regular matters (e.g. vegan meals, beamer, power supply, etc.)
  • What to do in an emergency

These are the somewhat general things that are included in the event scenario. But the extremely specific matters are also included in our scenario. We determine exactly who is responsible for which task. Who is ultimately responsible and which parts are part of it. For example, we name the time, the activity and the name of who should do it (for example: 22:00, clearing decorative Christmas trees, John B). The scenario therefore contains several elements in the construction phase, the phase in which the event takes place and the dismantling phase. As a result, there can never be any ambiguity as to who is responsible for his or her duties and when. We will guarantee strict adherence to the script before, on and after your business events.

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