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Day out with adults: Our favorites

Employee avatar Milan Laroes
June 20, 2024

Is the annual company outing planned again soon? Or are you looking for a unique outing with friends? With a wide range of outings for adults, we can organize the perfect activity for every group. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or sportsmanship, there is always something to do. On this page we would like to provide you with inspiration and share our favorite outings. 

The best indoor activities with adults

Are you looking for fun activities during winter days or days when the weather is bad? Then there is plenty of choice for a wide range of unique activities. How about an always popular one, for example escape room, where you have to escape from a mysterious room full of riddles and puzzles within time? Or maybe a pleasant one speaks cocktail workshop more, where you will learn the intricacies of cocktail shaking under the guidance of an experienced bartender. Whatever choice you make, Flitz-Events always ensures success. 

Our top 5 indoor activities for adults: 

  • Pub quiz
  • Escape room
  • Cocktail workshop
  • Workshop poker
  • Indoor laser tag

The best outdoor activities with adults

Is the sun shining outside? And do you feel like going outside? Then it's time to enjoy the best outdoor activities! Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation or just a fun time with friends or family, we have no shortage of outdoor activities. Consider, for example, the extremely popular power kiting, where you experience the power of the wind while flying your kite on the beach. Or maybe you are more into team building and go for an exciting session outdoor laser tag in the woods. Prefer something quieter? Dan is also one boat tour through the city of The Hague an absolute must. 

Our top 5 outdoor activities for adults: 

  • powerkiting
  • Outdoor laser tag
  • City tour
  • RIB powerboat
  • hexathlon

The best workshops with adults

Flitz-Events is also the right place for the best workshops. Whether you want to know everything about the origin of the cocktail during a cocktail shaking workshop or want to know how you can win all the poker games from now on during the poker workshops, We are ready for you. We offer the best workshops for adults and ensure that you will undoubtedly experience an unforgettable and educational day. 

Our favorite workshops for adults: 

  • The cocktail workshop
  • Pimping the slippers workshop
  • The Graffiti workshop
  • The poker workshop
  • The painting workshop

Want to know more about our outings for adults? 

Together we will ensure an unforgettable day! With a wide range of indoor and outdoor outings for adults, we can always provide the necessary dose of fun, challenge and togetherness. Whether you come with a select group or a large group, we have activities that perfectly suit your wishes and needs. Please feel free to do so contact Contact us if you are curious about the possibilities.


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