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Drinks Boot The Hague

Step aboard in one of the Flitz event cocktail boats that will take you on a cruise to the most beautiful places in The Hague. Tasty snacks and drinks are served while you and your guests enjoy the view and the atmosphere on board.

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The cocktail boat in The Hague, also called "the Roasted Peanut", is originally a lifeboat. This lifeboat has been converted into a luxury sloop that can easily accommodate 12 people, of course it is possible to sail with several boats! The Roasted peanut is equipped with all possible conveniences our atmospheric Borrelboot is the perfect location to raise your glass in company.

The Hague is a beautiful city where there is so much to see. With the drinks boat you will sail over the most beautiful parts of the canals of The Hague while enjoying a snack and a drink in good company. Enjoy a nice drink cruise in The Hague from 1,5 hours on a beautiful private boat. No financial surprises afterwards? Take our package including drinks in advance. A unique all-in drink cruise through the canals of The Hague!

Cruise during the drink boat

A cruise with a drink boat through the heart of The Hague with all the highlights and sights. The boat is equipped with all conveniences such as toilet, music system and cool box. This drink cruise can also be expanded with various snacks and snacks.

Drinks boat during a boat trip in The Hague
  • Getting on and off in the center of town
  • A boat suitable for the size of the group
  • Maximum 12 people per boat
  • Multiple boats available

Drinks boat The Hague Prices:

  • Drinks boat up to and including 12 persons € 200
  • Drinks boat up to and including 24 persons € 350
  • 24 + people ask for the quote
    Every next half hour € 50 per boat

Snacks & drinks:

  • Single drinks € 3 per drink (beer, wine and soft drinks)
  • Filled fridge € 85, - (40 drinks)
  • Bitter garnish € 3 per person

Sloops rally in combination with the drink boat

A bit different than just sailing on the water? Challenge yourself and take on the boat race challenge! A summer arrangement par excellence, full of teambuilding, boating, originality, relaxation and culinary enjoyment. Boat race The Hague is the trip that you must have done! More information Sloepenrally The Hague

Upgrade for the drink boat:
- Boat rally € 7,50 per person
- Sloop rally Ipad version € 10 per person

Contact with our Skipper:

Milan Laroes: 0626873447

Put together your own cocktail boat cruise

Prices and boat type depend on group size and date, call or email us for information. It is also possible to combine the drink cruise in the hague with other packages. For example with a lunch, city tour, dinner etc. Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities.

Customized canal cruise in The Hague?

Flitz events has more to offer. How about a fully catered outing in The Hague? Flitz events has a wide range, from private lessons to group arrangements, for children and adults. Moreover, we organize tailor-made events, in which you determine the content of the day program yourself.

  • Together we put together your cruise.
  • Flitz events can use multiple boats for larger groups
  • Combination packages
  • Choose your own boarding location and end location
Request a quote directly

Combination Program Borrelboot + Robinson Crusoe Experience

You can determine your own start time, so if you want to start later or earlier, that is possible.

  • 12.00 hour - Reception on the boat
  • 13.30 hour - arrival Scheveningen
  • 14: 45 hour - Reception of guests at location / beach bar The Hague
  • 14.15 hour - Welcome + explanation program, opportunity to change clothes
  • 14.30 pm - Start of Robinson Crusoe Experience
  • 15.30 hour Short break
  • 15.45 pm Start part 2 of Robinson Crusoe Experience
  • 16.45 pm End of Robinson Crusoe Experience
  • 17.00 hour The award ceremony and closing of the programOptional
  • 17.00 hour Subsequently drink hour
  • 18.00 hour BBQ / dinner / buffet start
  • 20.00 hour End of program