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Escape the City

city ​​games - Escape the City, scheveningen, The Hague

Escape the City is a game that you will never forget! Tension, sensation, humor and adventure are just a few of the ingredients of this game. It's all about freeing hostages that are located somewhere in Scheveningen or The Hague. An escape room, but then a very large one! Are you smart and brave enough with your team to bring this challenge to a successful conclusion?

Escape the City program

  • Reception by Flitz events;
  • Explanation by the gamemasters (instructors);
  • Organize the teams;
  • Time to play!
  • Award ceremony.

The winning elite unit will of course receive a prize. The total duration of this event is +/- 2 hours and can be played in groups from 10 to 250 people.

Do you think you and your team will be able to free the hostages from the dangerous Dr. Crypto in time? Then register quickly at Flitz events. Scheveningen is counting on you!

Prices Escape the City

Group from 10 persons: € 25,00
Group from 25 persons: € 22,50
Group from 50 persons: € 20,00

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This is how Escape The City works

Dr. Crypto escaped from Scheveningen prison. He has locked up hostages in various places in the city. The hostages are in a bad way and must be released as quickly as possible. Nobody seems to be able to stop Dr. Crypto. High time to switch on an elite unit. This elite unit is you and your team. Dr. Crypto has left a few loose ends in his hurry, which will put you on the trail of the hostages. With the help of iPad and GPS you set out to track down and free the hostages. This will not be easy! You will have to be smart and creative. Not only to find the location of the hostages, but also to free them.

Dr. Crypto is a sharpened gangster and has placed booby traps at every location where the hostages are located. These booby traps consist of puzzles and riddles that you must solve within 15 minutes to crack the code. If this succeeds, you will earn extra money. But watch out! If you fail, it will cost you money. Making mistakes is ruthlessly punished and is at the expense of your budget. Dr. Crypto is willing to give you hints, but for this you will have to pay attention.

Oh yes, you are not the only elite unit that is looking for the hostages. So be smart and creative, because eternal fame is reserved for the winners of this game. The winner of the Escape Game is the elite unit that has the most money at the end of the game and managed to free the hostages.