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City Games

The city as your playing field at the City Games of Flitz events

The city is your playing field at the City Games of Flitz events! Perhaps you know The Hague as the city where you live and work, maybe you never actually get there. Flitz events turns the royal city and surroundings into a game board, where you and your team have an important mission to fulfill. Flitz events is the organizer of the popular ones group activities in Scheveningen and surroundings. In The Hague or Scheveningen and the surrounding area there is plenty to do with Flitz events.

The City Games are like group activity suitable for various groups. It can be an exciting outing at one family day, the start of a Bachelor weekend or a company outing. It is also a fun activity during a team building day. This allows you to work together in a light and at the same time exciting way in a different way with collaboration and group dynamics. There are various City Games to do in The Hague, Scheveningen and surroundings. The games all last around two hours. That is why they can also be combined for a day with an activity at the beach, for example powerkiting. At Flitz events you can enter an arrangement to your own liking. This way you can also close the City Games with a dinner, barbecue or drink.

Your iPad as a guide with the City Games

At the City Games your team will receive an iPad, with which you will be dropped somewhere in the city and somewhere in a story. Your role in this can vary from a confused witness at a wedding, to the rat or a smart hive. The iPad makes clear what you have to do to complete the mission. For this you need to think smart and be fast. You can also communicate with the tablets. In some cases you can also sabotage other teams with your iPad, and they can of course also do that with you.

City Hunt

This is an exciting cat and mouse game in Scheveningen or The Hague. You play the game in 2 teams against each other. Do you belong to the group of criminals caliber Oceans' 11, busy taking the big step and leaving for a tropical island to make this fortune. Or are you the bounty hunter group who are chasing this criminal gang?

Escape the City

This is an escape room game but the other way around. You must not free yourself from a room, but others. Somewhere in the city Dr. Crypto a group hostage. Your task is to free his hostages. By solving the riddles you get ever closer to the hostages, but the time is ticking ... Are you playing the game or is the dangerous dr. Crypto the winner?

Shoot Out

Do you have the power to get a good deal of money with your team in a short time, but at the same time to stay out of the hands of the police? This game is set in the city and the virtual world. As a gang, blowing up safes with money is your specialty, but of course you need dynamite for that. How do you get enough dynamite and stay one step ahead of the police? Are you playing the game or are you being handcuffed?

Who is the rat?

To the well-known game of television that many people follow so fanatically. Because it is so super exciting and you can also play from the couch yourself. Now with who's the rat City game, you can play the game yourself. Actually, the rules of the game are well known, but the outcome is always exciting because there is a rat who is subtly sabotaging things. You also play together with different teams.

IPad Team Tour

This game can take place in Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland or on the beach of Scheveningen. Via the iPad, your team receives the craziest assignments that you must complete in order to win. The iPad is the guide, on which you will be sent the assignments that you must complete. But what do we have there? A broken screen! That is certainly a nice joke from the opponent. Because you can sabotage the other teams through the iPads. Fortunately, you can also take very creative revenge through your iPad.

The Wedding Planner / The Hang Over Game

The bachelor party that night before was crazy. At least: as far as you can remember. But somewhere in the blur, everything went wrong. Will you manage to collect as many coins as possible to pay for the damage incurred? In addition, there are a number of things that you need to get rid of. Spicy photos with the striptease dancer, for example, it could be very annoying if they ended up on the internet. In short: this is a crazy game. Very suitable for bachelor parties, but also for everyone who likes strategic games.