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  • 25 years of experience
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  • 25 years of experience
  • The best prices
  • 6000+ trips per year
  • Free backup rain program
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Blokarten Scheveningen
Blokarten Scheveningen
blokarts scheveningen
Sand yachting Scheveningen
  • Drive away in no time
  • Challenging and accessible
  • Very manoeuvrable, high acceleration
  • Bad weather alternative

Are you looking for an experienced event agency that offers blokarting Scheveningen on the beach? Then you're there Flitz events exactly in the right place. We have been offering blokarting on the beach of Hoek van Holland, nearby, for over 10 years Scheveningen. Blokarting is an incredibly challenging activity in which you are sucked along by the wind in a small go-kart on the beach. This allows you to reach unprecedented speeds and compete against each other in a true drag race. 
Do you like speed and do you really enjoy getting a breath of fresh air on the beach? Then come and blokart in Hoek van Holland! The ideal activity for your next bachelor party, company outing, team outing or other group outings

Combine & Benefit

  • Blokarting can be combined with all our other activities. For example, book blokarting + power kiting and take advantage!
  • Normal rate: € 50 pp (2 hours)
  • Combination rate: €40 pp (2 hours)

2 persons per kart

Group from 10 people25
Group from 25 people22,50
Group from 50 people20
Group from 80 peopleAsk for the quote
30 minutes longer blokarting is 5 euros per person

3 persons per kart

Group from 10 people20
Group from 25 people17,50

Put together your own package!

From € 20 pp
Blokarting is ideal for a fun day out with friends, family or colleagues! Blokarting can be perfectly combined with power kiting or another activity, of course we have special prices for that.
Experience the power of the wind!

Blokart example program

To give you a better idea of ​​what a day of blokarting in combination with power kiting looks like, we have made an example program for the beautiful:

Reception with a drink or lunch (optional)
Reception of guests in Scheveningen
Explanation of program, opportunity to change clothes
Start of blokarting
Start power kiting part
End of power kiting
Subsequent drink
Start BBQ or dinner
End of program

Block prices

Duration is 1 hours where each person has his own blokart.

Group from 10 people: € 35,00

Package: blokarting in combination with power kiting
Duration is 2 hours where the two of them share 1 blokart and are combined with power kiting.

Group from 10 persons: € 37,50
Group from 25 persons: € 35,00
Group from 50 persons: € 30,00
Group from 80 people : Ask for the quote

Method of operation

Veronica Martin
November 4 2021
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When I got into the kart truck we started right away. Nice and fast racing on the beach, It was great!
Meerle of Copus
November 4 2021
Icon check green
Beach karting was super cool! Exactly what I expected. Not difficult and a cool experience!
Patrick Maas
November 4 2021
Icon check green
Better than normal karting inside. You don't have to take into account 1 precise go-kart track. Nice ride on the beach. I felt like Max Verstappen.
"Sail over the beach, play the wind and whiz over the beach at full speed. Adrenaline & spectacle guaranteed"

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is blokarting possible in winter?
    Yes! It is even better to do it in the cold months. It is then nice and quiet on the beach and with wind almost every day, you can race across the beach in no time!
  • Can anyone blokart without experience?
    Yes, everyone can do blokart without experience! The blokart is easily manageable for everyone, young old sporty or just for socializing.
  • Can blokarting be combined with other activities?
    Blokarting can certainly be combined with other activities, the most common activity is power kiting.

What is blokart Scheveningen?

Blokarting Scheveningen, also known as sand yachting or land sailing, is an activity that has increased in popularity in recent years. Not surprising, it has everything that makes an activity fun. It is unique, sporty, great fun and also outdoors.

In addition, everyone can blokart Scheveningen and you have mastered the basic skills within 30 minutes. The sport of sailing has been made accessible to everyone thanks to blokarting Scheveningen. It is absolutely not difficult and therefore extremely suitable for every occasion! 

What are you going to do? Under the guidance of an expert, various tips are given, so that safety can be guaranteed. When everything has been neatly completed, it is your turn to step into the blokart.

The first few minutes will feel exciting and awkward, but after a while you will notice that you have completely mastered blokarting Scheveningen!

Blokarting is easy to learn. Young or old, everyone likes it! You can do Blokarting entirely at your own pace. Do you want to race across the beach, or do you prefer to take it easy? The choice is yours!

Get in the kart and let yourself be carried away by the wind, tighten the sail and go harder and ever harder. Hear the wind rushing past your ears and enjoy the wonderful fresh sea air.

Ideal for a fun day out with friends, family or colleagues! Blokarting can be perfectly combined with power kiting or any other activity. Or how about one drink, lunch or dinner afterwards?

It's all possible at Flitz-Events. Of course we can offer you a competitive price! Let us know in advance what your ideal day looks like, we will then prepare a quote including an example schedule so that you get a good idea of ​​what a day at Flitz-Events will look like for you! 

Blokarting in the winter

Blokarten Scheveningen is excellent to do in the colder months! Both in autumn and winter it is possible to blokart Scheveningen every day. The advantage is that it is a lot quieter on the beach in the colder months, so there is more space.

If you are a fan of the colder months it is great fun! Put on your thick coat, put on your warm gloves and let yourself be carried away by the wind. At sea during the winter months you have the perfect conditions to take on the challenges with the wind on an empty beach with a blokart.

The blokarting is offered on the beach of Hoek van Holland, about 10 kilometers from the beach of Scheveningen. At Scheveningen it is forbidden to blokart.

Blokarting is the new name for sand yachting. Blokarting is not a difficult sport to practice, because you get into the kart and after a short introduction you skim across the country as a professional sailor. This makes it an incredibly accessible sport for young and old. 

Blokarting is easy to handle for everyone, young old sporty or just for fun. You will be guided by a professional blokart Scheveningen team that explains to everyone how blokart Scheveningen works. In no time you will notice that you have mastered blokarting Scheveningen. 

Opt for an afternoon of blokarting at Flitz-Events!

Flitz-Events is an expert in organizing large group outings. This allows us to provide great activities for you, without you having to worry about arranging them. 

If you are interested in an afternoon of blokarting Scheveningen, an afternoon full of activities or an arrangement with food or drinks afterwards, please do not hesitate to contact us. contact with us. We will then prepare an example schedule with an accompanying quote for you so that you know exactly what to expect from a day of blokarting Scheveningen at Flitz-Events. 

Come blokart Hoek van Holland!

Blokart Scheveningen Stand

Blokarting in Scheveningen is a great way to enjoy the sea and the wind, while experiencing a fun and challenging activity at the same time. Blokarting is a form of sustainable water sport in which you glide over the water on a kind of large glider, powered by the wind. It is a fun and relaxing activity that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

In Scheveningen there are several companies that offer blokarting, and they often offer different types of blokarting, such as single and tandem blokarting. These companies also often provide professional instructors to help you learn the proper techniques and guide you through your blokart adventure. This way you can be sure that you can enjoy this unique water sport in a safe and fun way.

So if you are looking for a fun and challenging activity during your visit to Scheveningen, consider trying blokarting! It's a fun way to enjoy the sea and the wind, while learning and discovering something new at the same time. You will definitely enjoy the unique experience blokarting in Scheveningen has to offer!

Sand yachting Scheveningen

Sand yachting in Scheveningen is a great way to enjoy the sea and the wind, and at the same time practice a fun and challenging water sport. Sand yachting is a form of sailing in which you glide over the water on a small, manoeuvrable boat, powered by the wind. It is a fun and relaxing activity that is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

Blowkarting Scheveningen

Blow karting is a popular water sport that more and more people are practicing. It's a fun and exciting way to experience the power of the wind as you glide across the water. Blowkarting is also known as land sailing, because the principle is the same as sailing, but on land.

To Blowkart you need a special blowkarting vehicle, which has a frame that resembles a sailboat. The vehicle has a large sail that you can use to move forward, and a steering wheel to determine the direction. The driver sits in a seat on the vehicle and can determine the speed and direction himself.

Blow karting is a fun and adventurous sport suitable for people of all ages. It's a great way to experience the wind power and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the beach. If you're in the area, you should definitely try blokarting!

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